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Exhilarating F1 Racing Experience at the Globe Slipstream Event

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Bonifacio Global City was turned into a huge race track for one day during the first Globe Slipstream. In partnership with Lotus Formula One (F1) Team, they celebrated August 30 with speed, speed and speed! Racing fans and car enthusuasts flocked BGC with cheers and with their mobile phones.

Marlon Stockinger
The highlight of course was Marlon Stockinger, who is a Lotus F1 junior driver and often called the Prince of Speed. One Stockinger's pride is bringing the F1 experience to Manila where he drove his Lotus WSR Gravity Charouz Formula Renault 3.5 car around the customized BGC race track.

Fans and thrill seekers were in for a treat where they can experience Being Fast by jumping into a race car simulator. There were also interactive booths of different Globe brands with fun games and activities where they can avail exclusive freebies and offers. Lucky participants gets a chance to win a trip to the 2014 Singapore Gran Prix.

I arrived at the venue around 2pm. The place was tightly secure with fences all over BGC. I had a difficult time going around and getting to the media room at the Mind Museum. Stockinger has just finished his first run and people were still wanting for more.

Was able to see his second run and it was just exhilarating and was an adrenaline-filled experience! You can hear the machine vvrrrroommmm with enjoyment.

We headed to the car exhibit area where all the booths were and checked out some Ducati bikers displaying and having some photo ops with fans.

Here's Az and Raffy with Ron playing around with the bike and Enzo's moody afternoon.

What's amazing about this event is that they are all for free and open to the public! Residents who live in the place headed straight to the car exhibits and at the concert area at the BGC Ampitheater. The place was pumped up with electronic dance music with performers Dualist Inquiry,American dance-punk band Chk Chk Chk with local bands Up Dharma Down, Yolanda Moon and Autotelic and DJ Joey Santos performing towards night time. (Photo credits to Azrael Coladilla)

After going around the exhibit area that afternoon, we headed back to the media room to quickly sit down with the F1 racer himself. Here are some of the questions that were asked. 

Here he is being interview by Boom Gonzales

Then he sat down at our table for a 5 minute chat.

What is the fastest speed that you have done in a F1 car?
I think the quickest that I ever went was when I tested the formula 1 car, that was about 330. 

How did the 2 rounds differ from each other.
The first one was was of course I have to be safe. Testing the track and the car. The second one I could have a bit more fun and also for the 3rd run.

As the first Filipino race car driver, what efforts are you doing to raise awareness in terms of car racing in the Philippines?
Well of course this is one way. Every time I race, I'm abroad and in different part of the world and I never have any of my races here. What we are trying to do is to bring racing here in the Philippines. Last year we brought an F1 car, this year we brought my race car so people can really see that we have a Filipino driver at the last step before formula 1 and we're almost there and we're competing on a world level. 

I took my talents that were groomed  I've learned here in the Philippines from the go karts in Carmona, and I took them to Europe So I'm a home grown talent who raced againsts other very very good  drivers here in the Philippines and that's the reason why I'm good as I am today. It's just about giving back to the motor sport community and making people understand what we're doing on what we're trying to achieve abroad and bringing back to them, best way to do that is to show that to them.  

We don't know what's in the mind of a race car driver? Before doing this exhibition, whats the first thing that comes to your mind?
Ahhh Don't crash is the first thing. For me it's just about trying to enjoy. I am very priviledged and very honored to be able to do something like this.  I dont get a speeding ticket at least for speeding in the streets today. For me just trying to enjoy, I think when you enjoy something, when you're passionate about something, it works well. For me it's just about having fun today

What can you say about the customized race track?
I have to say it's really great. It feels like a proper race track. Of course its not the surface that we normally have but some parts are quite smooth and some are new. I wanted to race, but I cant. It felt like a gran prix atmosphere.

How fast did you go today and can you go faster?
I think I reached about 200 kmph, but any quicker is going to be difficult because of the bumps and I just don't want to risk damaging the car. Maybe I'll try later in the last run for another good sprint.

How does it feel to be called the Price of Speed?
(Laughs) I'm not royalty but, whatever I get tagged, i think it's important is that it's raising awareness. Whether its my name beside the flag as long as its Filipino flag, I think it doesn't matter. As long as we're always raising awareness here in the country about motorsport and showing that we as Filipinos can compete, I guess that's the important message. So whether I'm tagged prince, king, as long as there, then I think it's good.

To continue, check out the video below.

Peter Bithos, head of Globe also sat by our table and had a chat with us. He shares "Its amazing how far we've come, we're the largest 3G network now, the largest 4G network now, we're the fastest network now. 

What we're trying to do is deploy the best technology and the fastest speed to give you a great and wonderful experience. We have been working with Marlon for quite some time now for Tattoo, and since his carting days, we have been supporting Marlon's dreams and ambitions, in addition with Marlon, we also partnered with Lotus, the Formula 1 team that Marlon is the junior driver for. To try to bring a physical manifestation of what we mean by speed. So this day is about speed and the wonderful experience."

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