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What is chocolate to you? For most people, chocolate is a guilt pleasure. May it be plain milk chocolats, dark, with nut or with fillings. Indeed, nothing beats the delight that every bite brings you. 

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.” – CM. Schulz

With so many products and variations offering the same sweet pleasure, it is truly best to look for a brand that offers authentic chocolate taste made from only the finest quality ingredients. Discover the exquisite art of chocolates with Valor. 

From the purest ingredients crafted to perfection… take a trip down memory lane and experience the sweetest history of Spain’s most elaborate chocolate pleasure!

Valeriano Lopez Lloret, founder of Valor Chocolates, gave a name and personality to what has become the leading company in the Spanish chocolate industry. Defined by a passion to produce the best chocolate, Lloret together with his family of master chocolatiers, set up factory in 1881. Since then, five generations have been at the helm of Valor Chocolates and have managed to transform the brand into an international standard.

From Bean to Bar
Valor chocolate experts select their cacao beans from three of the world’s finest sources: Ghana for the Forastero variety, an intense cacao that gives depth to flavor; Ecuador for the Guayaquil variety, one of the most aromatic; and Panama for the Trinitario variety that gives a fruity note to the intense aromatic flavor. These cacao beans travel 12,000 miles to Valor’s central factory in Villajoyosa Spain. The factory starts its “from bean to bar” manufacturing process by blending these cacao beans into proportions and mixing it with other high quality all natural raw materials to produce the finest chocolates.

Behind the Pleasure…
Their spirit of innovation continues to this day, as demonstrated by the launch of their latest sugar-free products which are now sweetened with stevia, a natural sweetener derived from a plant originating in South America that is 15 times sweeter than sugar but with zero glycemic index. Valor sugar-free chocolates are pure guilt-free indulgence.
Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate
Over 130 years of passion for chocolates, the best cacao beans in the world, all natural ingredients - these are just a few best-kept secrets behind the boundless pleasure of Valor Chocolates. Check out Valor’s immense range of flavors from pure chocolate, chocolate with Mediterranean Marcona almonds, chocolate mousse, sugar free hazelnut spread and more! 

So go ahead… experience the pleasure and have a taste of rich authentic Spanish chocolate goodness!

Valor Chocolates are available in Premium chocolate bars, Sugar Free plain chocolates - Dark, 70%Dark, Milk; Sugar Free chocolates with nuts - Whole Marcona Almonds and Whole Hazelnuts; Creamy sugar free chocolate mousse; and more! Available in leading supermarkets, department stores, drugstores and other retailers nationwide. For more information, visit Valor’s Official Facebook Fanpage:

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