FOX Sports launches new sports channel and new program lineup.


During one intimate gathering of the press and online media last August 19, 2014, FOX International Channels (FIC) unveiled their new and unified look of their three new Fox sports channels. What happened here is they integrated their former sports channels Fox Sports, Star Sports and Fox Sports Plus into one consolidated FOX sports Network. I guess they though of putting it all on one to privide consistency of branding across all channels. 

It's simple really, they turned FOX Sports, Star Sports and FOX Sports Plus into to Fox Sports, Fox Sports 2 and Fox Sports 3, while retaining the existing FOX Sports News channel and FOX Sports Play. 

The move of the network aims to change the way fans view sports by providing localized content and sports entertainment while providing timely and accurate coverage of sports around the world. FIC turns each channel into unique sports destination catering to the taste of the Filipino sports fan giving what they want, anytime, wherever they are. 

Viewers can see newly acquires sports like Formula-E which starts September 13, 2014. The German Bundesliga, which starts in August 2015, as well as two new programming blocks: FOX Sports Flicks, which showcases timeless sports-themed movies and documentaries and the Fitness Block gives viewers programs to help maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle.

The flagship channel which is FOX Sports, will feature key events like the NBA, PBA and NASCAR, as well as football events such as the Liga BBVA, AFC Champions League, AFC Cup and AFF Suzuki Cup. FOX Sports will also include FOX Sports Flicks and the Fitness Block, along with the iconic sports show FOX Sports Central.

FOX Sports 2 is generally dedicated to balls. Balls sports I mean. racquet sports, athletics and more! Features three tennis majors Wimbledon, French and Australian Opens. They also feature the marquee golf majors like the  Masters and the Open Championship (formerly known as the British. Open) 

For the football fans out there. European and Asian Football also be available on Fox Sports2, along with Major League Baseball, triathlons, marathons and more.

FOX Sports 3 will be for the motor sports junkies. They will  have adrenaline-pumping sports programs, bannered by Formula One and MotoGP, and flanked by combat sports such as classic boxing and kickboxing.

In addition to the familiar faces that viewers have been used to watching on FOX Sports and STAR Sports, viewers can look forward to new presenters who will make sports come alive with their analysis, comments and overall sense of fun. 

FOX Sports, FOX Sports 2 and FOX Sports 3 will also sport a new look with clearer graphics giving viewers better information, and all studio shows will be presented in a brand-new, state-of-the-art studio in Singapore, with touch-screen analysis capability.

The all-new FOX Sports Network aims to embody its tag line, “Where Sport Goes BOOM!” and celebrate sports by giving the full experience: grit and glory, glamour and fun. FOX Sports goes beyond the definition of boom by featuring not just literal hits and scores in sports but also the rush of the win, the euphoria of victory, and other emotions felt in the playing and viewing of sports. The new FOX Sports Network gives access to a larger world of content that will both thrill and inform sports fans—all under one brand.

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