Unboxing my #GlobeGalaxyS5


After a month or so, I'm finally able to post an unboxing of my new Galaxy S5. This amazing device is Samsung's latest offering in their smartphone Galaxy line up. Even though the Galaxy S5 employees has been out for a few months now, this new device is still getting so much excitement  because of the significant improvements to the camera and screen compared to last year's Galaxy S4.

Anyways, here goes the unboxing.

You can see on the box a big number 5 indicating that its a Galaxy S5 aside from the Samsung Galaxy S5 logo being there. At the back you can immediately see the smartphone's basic features.

- LTE ready.
- CPU is 2.Ghz Quad Core Processor
- Screen is Full HD Super AMOLED (129.4 mm (5.1")
- It has 16MP AF Camera+ and a 2MP front camera
- Battery of 2,800mAh
- Smart Remote (Universal Remote Control)
- IP67 Water & Dust Resistant

You can see on the side of the box that it's colored blue. That easily indicates the smartphone's color. They have four colors to choose from. The Charcoal Black, Shimmery White, Copper Gold and Electric Blue.

What's inside the box?

It include the manual, USB cord, wall adapter, headphones and extra earbuds.

Electric Blue color is so cool! A standout from the usual black and white.

The 16MP rear camera is supported by an LED flash. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is also the first smartphone with a built-in Heart Rate Sensor which enables users to measure your heart rate directly on your phone.

at the back bottom part, you surely cant miss the LTE. Aside from this, the device also supports WiFi, WiFi hotspot, DLNA, WIFi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and Infrared.

Their single speaker did not disappoint. I'm not saying that it's the best, but it's not the worst either.

Battery is packed with 2,800mAh. Enough to get you through the day. It also uses microSD & micro SIM.

at the bottom, you can see there the mic and a flip out cover for your USB port for charging and transferring files.

One feature I liked is the Water and Dust Resistant feature. The phone has an IP673 certification. Which means it is resistant to sweat, rain, liquids, sand and dust, so your phone is protected in most activities and situations. (will put this to a test)

If you can check the back cover, it has a small rubber pads that protects the battery, motherboard and simcard and memory slots. Not sure how long it would hold up.

Other buttons on the phone is the power on the right and the volume on the left. on the top is the infrared and a 3.5mm jack for  headphones.

Personally, I would recommend that you get your Galaxy S5 at your nearest Globe store. I will enumerate the reasons why on my next post.

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