New Starbucks Reserve Coffees & the Pour Over Brewing Process.


Starbucks Reserve Coffee was launched in the Philippines last May 2014 and it has gained quite a number of regular customers already. I personally like the taste of the different coffee Reserves because of the explosion of delicate notes your mouth. The Starbucks Reserve is Starbucks' new brand of exotic, rare and exquisite coffees that allows customers an opportunity to taste coffee like never before. Read more about it here.

During one Starbucks Reserve coffee tasting, people from Starbucks used the Pour Over method.

When I asked why, the coffee masters shared to me that the best way to brew delicious coffee is through the manual coffee brewing system. Invented by Melitta Bentz in 1908, the single-serving brewing system regulates flow to allow the full extraction of coffee flavors. That brewing system is called the Pour Over method.

The Starbucks Coffee Masters shared that the Pour Over method is designed to extract the unique flavors and highlight subtle nuances of coffees in their Starbucks Reserve stores. 

From the first four flavors or Starbucks Reserve coffees, Starbucks Philippines is now introducing two new Starbucks Reserve. The 100% Kona Parry Estate and Starbucks Reserve Brazil Bourbon Rio Verde.
Starbucsk Reserve. Floral and caramel aromas with pronounced citrus and nut flavors
Starbucsk Reserve.  Sweet plum and milk chocolate notes with a creamy finish.

The Starbucks coffee masters will be able to help you on what Starbucks Reserve coffee is best for you and how to enjoy them. Know the best food pairing for these coffee and know more about these rare coffees by visiting the Starbucks Reserve stores near you. 

Starbucks Reserve stores are located at Tomas Morato, Quezon City  |  8 Forbes Town, Fort Bonifacio, Global City  |   Keyland Centre, Makati City   |   Central Square, Fort Bonifacio, Global City  |  Starbucks Reserve® Signa, Makati City (soon to open)

Check out the first Philippine Starbucks Card design here

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