"Hercules" Short Movie Review

Sharing this short movie review from my desk during lunch time.

I did my best to not let these negativity influence how I would enjoy the film so I went in the cinema with high hopes even after reading some online movie reviews. The film was visually entertaining and stylishly made. Some really good 3D effects and moments where you would go like "Whoa!" especially on the first half of it. 

The wig flippin Dwayne Johnson physically delivers adding his own touch and humor to the title role. If you liked the trailer, I think you would like the film. Easy to digest and indulge even with the cheesy cliches. There are some missed in the story, narration, editing and acting. But this is the kind of film that would be impossible not to enjoy. 

By Zeus' beard and thunder bolt, I recommend that you catch 'Hercules' in theaters starting today and let us know what you think. :) 

“Hercules” is now open  across the Philippines in 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D cinemas.

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Myke Soon

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