Giordano World Without Strangers Music Festival

Grace Note
Giordano celebrates their 25th anniversary in the country with Giordano World Without Strangers Music Festival. The event stretched into an eight hours straight of amazing performances and heart-pumping songs. The whole idea of the World Without Strangers campaign is celebrating music, love and life as one. 

Giordano believes that the campaign needs a voice and who better to lend a voice than Rico Blanco. As Giordano’s latest brand ambassador, Rico Blanco fronts the campaign and makes people listen to Giordano’s message through music. The aim of the campaign is to bring World Without Strangers into the consciousness of people.

The bands who performed at the Music Festival were Callalily, Sponge Cola, Urbandub, Franco, Up Dharma Down, Gracenote, Techy Romantics, Taken By Cars, Kala, Autotelic, Join The Club, Cygnet, Maude, Hidden Nikki and Yolanda Moon.

Here's Grace Note performing during the Music Festival. I like them, they're good and she can hit Hayley's notes.

Rico known for his edgy yet laidback personality shines through his style. This made him the perfect choice to deliver Giordano’s message through his latest single aptly titled, “World Without Strangers”. Blanco shared that the song is inspired by Giordano's vision of a borderless world where people walk hand in hand and celebrate life as one.

Here's Rico Blanco singing World Without Strangers last June 2014 in Eastwood..

During the event, they also awarded the winners of Statement Tee Designs. The ten designers, five from the male category and another five from the female category, were recognized during the festival. The top 10 designers are Gino Jardinico, Timmy Joy Raymundo, John Angelo Tan, Ivan Marc Robinson, Nadine Encarnacion, Benedict Lim, John Francis Pasicolan, Katherine Francisco and Cathleen Kay Bayani, whose design for both male and female categories were chosen. 

For the World Without Strangers Citizens 12 individuals were also recognized during the festival who have contributed to creating that ideal world ranging from social workers to artists, from writers to taxi drivers. The awardees are: Alex Eduque, volunteer; Jose Yap Dalisay, Palanca award-winning writer; Bengie Reyes, sculptor and furniture designer; Atty. Karen Jimeno, lawyer and social worker; Donnalyn Bartolome, artist and songwriter; Efren Penaflorida, teacher; Sophia Deliu, policewoman; Jovy Sasutona, handicapped painter; Creo Baylon, inventor; Nelson Balmores, a handicapped social worker for Gawad Kalinga; Edita Queras, a tricycle driver; and Doroteo Ochavo, a taxi driver who made news in 2012 for constantly returning things left behind by his passengers.

Keanne Cipriano- Callalily.

Starting July, the WWS colelctions will be showcased at Giordano stores. The first phase will feature graphic printed tees in primary colors and the second phase will consist of slogan-printed tees in bright and pastel colors with phrases like “Breaking Barriers”, “Unity Love Respect”, “Just Like You” and “One Song Underneath One Sun”. The collection also features other styles such as striped tops in different cuts, colored hoodies, two-way denim pants, neppy jeans, sweatshirts and WWS caps. 

World Without Strangers has always been Giordano’s stand since its beginnings in Hong Kong. It is a brand for everyone, everywhere. Its simplicity and timeless quality transcends differences and preferences. And every piece is a building block to any wardrobe that comes to life with the wearer’s personality and taste. 

“World Without Strangers” by Rico Blanco is now available for download in iTunes. For updates on Giordano Philippines’ World Without Strangers campaign and 25th anniversary celebration, visit

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