Adidas Boost Changes Everything


New footwear technology from adidas #BOOST is coming to basketball. A technology that returns more energy than any other cushioning in the game. Boost is filled with thousands of capsules, giving you energy from tip-off to the final buzzer.

Titled “Boost Changes Everything,” the video portrays steel balls in front of side-by-side Boost cushioning and EVA cushioning. The cameras capture the real energy return as the balls continue to bounce on Boost long after EVA, proving that Boost will change everything on the court. Check out the video below.

Those who have turned already are
"#Boost is top notch." - Jeff Teague
"The thing that stuck out to me about #Boost is how comfortable it is. There's a lot of cushion." - Jeremy Lin
"#Boost is the future." - Joakim Noah
"#Boost makes it seem like the shoe is new every time I put it on.” - Mike Conley Jr.
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