TIM HO WAN Manila. Worth Lining up for?


Tim Ho Wan officially opened last May 20. People have been buzzing about this Chinese restaurant from Hong Kong which is now here in Manila made possible because of Ricky Dee of Mesa Filipino Moderne and Todd English Food Hall, and Felix Ang of Cats Motors. Located at a really nice space in Megamall Fashion Hall, Tim Ho Wan still draws customers from the different places of Manila into their bamboo styled restaurant.

So let's start with their food. Their menu right now is simple and easy to order. You will not be confused and order taking is convenient and fast because of their check list type of ordering.

Just by looking at the menu, you can see that it's reasonably priced. Dimsums ranging from P120-P160 is not so bad. There were three of us, so we decided to splurge a little and order more since we would be splitting the bill three ways. Started ticking those boxes and ordered these.

Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg and Salted Egg P 140.00
Something to warm our stomach. Nothing could go wrong with this. Century egg and Salted cut into small bite sizes gives a nice texture and taste to this comforting congee.
Congee with Lean Pork, Century Egg and Salted Egg- Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Rice with Chicken Sausage and Mushroom  P 170.00
Filling and good. Another heartwarming dish that is a good pair for your dimsum orders.
Rice with Chicken Sausage and Mushroom  - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Pan Fried Carrot Cake P 145.00 (3 pcs)
Reminds me of the Radish cake, what I usually order in Chinese restaurants. This was okay I guess. I don't remember the taste and if I finished it or not.
Pan Fried Carrot Cake - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Vermicelli Roll with BBQ Pork  P 160.00 (3 pcs)
It was okay. The BBQ pork tasted familiar and the vermicelli was just chewy right.  I don't remember finishing this either.
Vermicelli with BBQ Pork - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Pork Dumplings with Shrimp P 150.00 (4 pcs)
At that time, we thought that an order of 1 Pork Dumpling wasn't enough, so we ordered two. It was good. Quality pork & shrimp siomai but nothing I've not tasted before.
Pork Dumplings with Shrimp - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Prawn Dumplings  P 160.00 ( 4 pcs)
Again, we ordered two. Hey it's Hakaw, what could go wrong? Theirs is really good, haven't tasted this good for a while now. The soft chewy wrapper is goo that you'd want to bite it again and again.
Prawn Dumplings - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin   P 120.00 (3 pcs)
It was not my kind of beef ball but it was good. I was hoping to get a fuller beef taste but the ball had vegetables inside. Let's just say that it wasn't what I was expecting. But it was still good!
Beef Ball with Beancurd Skin - Tim Ho Wan Megamall
W got excited when the pork buns finally came. It quickly filled the table and it was overwhelming. 

Baked Bun with BBQ Pork  P 145.00 (3 pcs)

I haven't been to Hong Kong where it first started and became famous but I heard from friends that it tasted exactly the same. These delicate buns for me is baked to perfection. 

Crumbly crust that gives a nice crunch to every pillow soft bite was just so good. I didn't want to jump into the hype but it was just really good for me. Biting into that center is just saucy and chunky delicious.

Best eaten when served to you hot. We ate a few and took home the remaining buns. I'm not sure how to reheat the buns to retain the crumbly crust (I tried & I failed) but it was still good. but I think pre-heating the toaster for 3 minutes, putting the bun in for 2 minutes and microwaving it for 8 seconds would do the trick. (I think microwaving it will heat the pork filling faster).

Tim Ho Wan Manila management have strict rules when you dine in and order their famous bun. Each person is only allowed two orders. Total of 6 baked buns at 3pcs per order. I think that it's nice that they have this rule so there people would not hoard these precious buns. They also have rules when you line up at Tim Ho Wan. Your members should be complete. They will not be able to give you your table when you are not complete. I'm guessing this is also to control those ordering the baked buns.

For dessert, Mango Pomelo Sago  P 90.00
Every time I eat at a Chinese restaurant I always look for this dessert. Usually its Mango Sago, I was happy when they had pomelo mixed into my favorite dessert.

Personally, I think that if you've tried the buns before and you really love them, go ahead. If this is your first time and can't decide yet if you are willing to line up or note, I'd say that try it at least once. Maybe the buns will change your mind and you'd end up lining up again. I couldn't say much for the rest of their food. They were good but not something that I have not tasted before. If I'm going to line up here, it would be for the baked buns!

We were only three and our bill for that night was almost 3k. It was like eating at a buffet 0_0. But it was a good experience. Next time, just the buns please! 

So, have you tried lining up yet? Let me know how you find their food and the baked buns. :)

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