My Azumi Boutique Hotel Experience.


One of my favorite things to blog about are the occasional staycations, which I am fortunate to get to share with the wifey. Stayscations would always mean time to spend away from the usual weekend routine and to really forget about the stress of living a fast paced metro life.

Recently, we received an invitation from our gracious friends from Azumi Boutique Hotel in Alabang for an overnight stay. Located at the Madrigal Business Park, Azumi opened its door to the public last January 2014. A little bit of trivia: AZUMI is of Japanese origin. It's meaning is "safe residence." 

The hotel building boasts a modern facade, which I thought was impressive when we arrived. What was more impressive though was what we saw when we stepped inside the lobby. As a true fan of design, I really appreciated how nice the the interiors were designed with stylish furniture and decors. 

I think this was one area we took a lot of photos of because there was so much that are picture- worthy. We were immediately welcomed by the friendly hotel staff and assisted to our room for the weekend.

Our room was so inviting that we were not able to resist exploring every corner of it. We were lucky to have a room with a balcony, which allowed us to enjoy the outdoor scenery from inside the room. It came pretty convenient as well especially when we needed to dry our gear. You will know why in a few... keep reading...

The room is equipped with a 32 inch TV with cable, hot and cold shower, a small kitchen area with a ref and a bog sofa, which can doubles as extra bed and other things that makes a comfortable hotel stay. The room is ideal for family getaways and offer so much room for kids event to go around and play.


As soon as we had rest and and our things unpacked, we decided to check the pool area at the rooftop. The view when we arrived amazed us so much we had to stay for some time just to take pictures and make sure we captured every angle to it.  The infinity pool looked amazing against a spectacular top view of the city.  A perfect place to hang out and relax.  

On the same floor, you will also find a small venue for private parties.  Incidentally, there was one booked on the same night of our stay so we got to see how the set up looked like.  The place definitely promises a good time with friends and family.

We decided to have our dip at the pool after dinner and the rooftop was more spectacular at night.  The private party happening at the function room did not stop us from swimming and enjoying the pool, haha! Remember that balcony next to our room and how convenient it was for drying things?  There you go...

The next day, after a relaxing and refreshing sleep,  we went down to Romulo Cafe located at the ground floor of the hotel to claim our free breakfast. During breakfast, we also got to enjoy the interiors if the restaurant, admiring the details and decors. It was not only a feast for the tummy but also for the eyes.

Since it was Sunday, we were treated to an Oriental breakfast buffet.

After breakfast, we realized what better way to spend the rest of the day but to take dip at the beautiful lap pool and enjoy the view and water.  It was the best day to end one particular wonderful staycation.
Me and my #GlobeGalaxyS5 
Just a couple of laps before checking out.
The place is easily accessible from Manila and Makati. They have parking provision and the place is safe and secure. The translation "safe residence" is fitting because as part of their security, guests cannot access other floors that they are not checked in to. This feature limits guests from roaming around the floors of the boutique.


Azumi Boutique Hotel is located at 2205 Market Street, Madrigal Business Park, Phase III Alabang 1780 Muntinlupa City. You may call them for reservation at Tel no.: (02) 869 9888 or email reservation at You may also check their website or connect via their Facebook page -

Thank you Azumi! Hope to come back soon again! We enjoyed our stay there. :)

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  1. I like your photos, especially yung parang may multong guard sa likod

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