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Solaire Resort and casino is part of the highly anticipated Entertainment City in Manila Bay. Right now, they have approximately 500 luxuriously appointed rooms, suites and bayside villas as well as resort-style pool facilities, bars and entertainment lounges. They also have a state-of-the-art ballroom and meeting space, and a fully equipped spa and fitness center.Changing the game, Solaire boasts their 18,500 square-meter casino area, elevating the gaming experience.

The place has world-class fine dining restaurant and also some casual and quick serve restaurants. The new dining avenues are headed by world-renowned chefs and showcase a comprehensive selection of authentic local and international flavors to cater to even the most discerning palate. Not only does Solaire stay on top of the dining category but also in the cocktail category.

Spent one afternoon with a handful of bloggers inside the elegant Italian restaurant Finestra. Beautiful colors, interior and furniture. Known for their authentic handmade pastas and designer pizza. Finestra is also known for their homemade gelato and sherbet.

Mixology definition is an in depth study of the art and craft of mixing. Solaire Mixology is putting art, class and uniqueness to ones drink. That was what we were in for that afternoon. Lots of cocktails! The bartender started us with some jello shots and went straight to mixing.

The bartender directed us to our bartending stations and guided us step-by-step on mixing some of their signature cocktails. Having so many years of experience in the bartending business, he also showed us the basics on how to properly mix cocktails and some tricks on cocktail mixing.

Followed the bartender's instructions steps

and BOOM! Hire me, I'm a bartender.
Duchess, Smoked Russian, Margarita with Agave Caviar Pearls & Aged Negroni
Duchess - Bourbon, Chambord, Cherry Herring and Cranberry Martini. Put inside the shaker with ice. Once done, top it off with a mango-pomegranate foam.

Smoked Russian - Vodka infused with the smoke from hickory chips and tobacco infused Kahlua. Stir both with a cinnamon stick.

Margarita with Agave Caviar Pearls - A mix of Reposado Tequila, Lime Juice, Cointreau and Demerara Sugar. The twist here is the green pearls. They even taught us how to make them. Looks better than the usual and tastes good too!

The last one is the Aged Negroni. Consisting of Campari, Campano Antica and Hendrick Gin. They aged the whisky in a small oak barrel for a month or so and finishing it off with the orange ice ball. Trivia: The machine that made that kind of ice sphere costs P 500,000 btw. Oh and I personally liked this one. Classy!

This one below they, didn't teach us how to make it but they let us taste it. So do you know what this one is?

If you guessed mojito. Then BOOM! You're right! Well I guess you guys were wondering what the liquors on the table was for. Those were for us!

Bartender announced that there was a competition. For us to concoct our own cocktail mix.

and the winners... yey 2nd place!

Solaire Mixology is not just concocting random drinks. I realized that there's a bit of complexity in it. A deeper appreciation and serious study of the spirits and its effect when mixed with other types of liquids. An art in itself. Solaire uses the premium drinks and mixes into your cocktails. Enjoy countless concoctions on all of their restaurant inside Solaire.

Group photo. 2014 Bartending Class of Solaire!

After drinking in the afternoon, we went for a quick tour of the rest of their restaurants.

Strip Steakhouse is a place where the finest cuts of beef, including American Kobe, are imported fresh and seared to perfection. They also have an extensive bar menu. The beautiful 3,000 bottles carefully chosen for Strip’s wine wall. Indulge in rich dishes while enjoying fantastic view of Manila Bay. 

Posh interiors and furniture, exceptional service, exquisite cuisine and high-energy atmosphere make Strip the hottest steakhouse in the Philippines.

Yakumi is Solaire's Authentic Japanese Restaurant. Indulge in their Sushi, Sashimi, Robatayaki and theur freshest fish and crustaceans. Yakumi highlights their world-class ingredients and signature Japanese dishes.

Their open extended kitchen allows patrons of the restaurant to witness how their food is prepared. They also have two private Teppanyaki rooms for intimate occasions are available for customers’ exclusive special gatherings and our Sake sommeliers will be by your side during your dining stay to provide their recommendations from our wine selections to complement your meal.

Red Lantern is a Chinese restaurant that offers the best Cantonese dishes.Suckling Pig, Peking Duck, a wide array of delicious homemade dim sums and mouthwatering authentic gourmet dishes.

Red Lantern also have wide selection of teas.

We also visited the Dragon Bar which is inside the casino.

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