Tattoo Trend Talks Coverage

Held at the grand ballroom of Solaire Resorts and Casino, Tattoo Trend Talks put together an afternoon of sharing of ideas revolving around the topic of Music specifically EDM. Local and International speakers graced the event are authorities in their respective fields. They also shared their expertise and discussed future trends. 

The venue had snacks and coffee for those attending. Those who purchased their tickets also got lower box tickets to see Armin Only Intense show at MOA Arena that same night. Tatto setup a place where you can listen to the Spotify music. It was there for the guests to listen to the playlist of the speakers.

There was also this wall of quick electronic music history. Such rich and amazing history of this genre.

The talk was hosted by Tim Yap and Joey Mead.

They introduced their first speaker Nicky Jurado.
Nicky Jurado is backed-up with more than 30 years of DJ experience and trademarked with harder genres of dance music. He was partners with Robert Villaluz and Manolet Dario in that elite circle of DJ’s that was known as the “Brady Bunch”-- who and which were partly responsible for the house music evolution through their string of warehouse parties from 1994 to 1997. Nicky is also known in the industry to have trained Dj’s, and many industry constituents consult with. He also spearheaded an event concept and design production company – Vinylvets Productions. He has played alongside many international superstar DJ’s such as Armand Van Helden, Deep Dish, Simon Blackjack, Mike Cosford, Dave Lee, Steve Lawler, Timo Maas, Steve Lavelle, Ferry Corsten, and Nakadia.

Here's are some notes Nicky Jurado that I was able to take down.
"Connect with the crowd is the most important thing"
Direction of Manila's club scene now. "Club scene music Needs a follow through..." 
"Next after the music festival would be Filipinos playing along side international known Djs."
"Difference of crowd before from now is the before, people went to the club to DANCE" 
Advice of Nicky Jurado. "Be passionate in everything you do. It's not about love but the passion" 

and my favorite.
One of my favorite quotes today. "Not one music style is better than the other, it's all about respect."

Next speakers were Domini Primero and Ricky Daker.
Domini Primero & Ricky Daker
One of the pioneers of the local clubbing scene, Domini Primero has delved into the different aspects of partying - from putting up underground clubs like Warehouse 135 and Time in Manila, to mounting big room dance events under his production house Driven Manila. In 1999 he co-founded Big Fish International with the late Tuck Cheah also known as DJ TC. He has produced more than 100 shows since then, both commercial and underground, from Hed Kandi to Global Underground. Powered by his love for electronic music, Domini is on a quest to usher in the rebirth of the underground dance scene.

In 2005, Ricky Daker known for his business-management expertise joined BigFish International overseeing operations and brought the brand to a bigger and bolder direction. Today, he is the Chief Operating Officer and handler of Business Development for BigFish. Ricky, together with Team BigFish, also took the know-how they gained from scratch and applied it to corporate clientele. In line with their credo of churning out the most happening parties, BigFish now hosts events and launches for big-name and multi-national companies. They also extended the brand and party experience to a much more accessible and consistent audience through Club Haze at The Fort, Bonifacio Global City.

Here are some notes I took down during their talk

Ricky Daker saw something missing way back when @Bigfishmanila was starting. 
Ricky Daker started bringing in different kinds of Djs, production, drinks and others.
"Direction of @Bigfishmanila is to be up to date with what's going in around the world." - Ricky Daker 
"I believe that the Philippine is more than ready for a bigger music festival" - Ricky Daker
"It's the audience who dictates the music" - Ricky Daker
Experience on different producers. @DominiPrimero shares that they adjust to some very difficult request of international artists. One option is to get from china or downscale the requirements.
On club producing. "There has to be a balance" passion and business. - Ricky Daker
Superstar DJ price would be around 30.5M and another 5M to bring in a good DJ. - @DominiPrimero
What's next for @Bigfishmanila ? "Sky is the limit. We have to follow & create. To do what you love to do" - Ricky Daker
For Diven. Future plans is to promote local talents & bring them to the international scene.

DJ Benjo Martinez joined the talk to share his experience and thoughts on the music business and being a DJ.

"It's still all about passion. It's not sustainable. Whether it's for food, trip or other reasons." Benjo Marquez
Tim Yap, DJ Benjo Marquez, Domini Primero, Ricky Daker, Joey Mead
Next up were Stephen Ku and DJ Mars Miranda.
Stephen Ku and DJ Mars Miranda.
Stephen Ku is one of the forerunners of the events industries in the Philippines. He started one of the leading below-the-line agencies - Eventscape Manila, which has evolved to become a leader in the lifestyle & corporate events, marketing & digital media industry in country servicing some of the biggest brands. He also produced some of the biggest concerts and dance events in the country to include: Jason Mraz, Steve Aoki, Kaskade, Tiesto, Swedish House Mafia, Avicii, CloseUp Summer Solstice, and Fat Boy Slim. He also ventured into the F&B Business by opening bars such as Distillery with over hundred kinds of liquors, Opus, Draft, Beso Epic, Tides Hotel, Speakeasy Makati, Alphonse/Vault, and newly opened Southeast Asian Diner: Pink Panda.

DJ Mars Miranda is one of Manila’s most sought after DJs that offers a unique sound that offers a fusion of the most current tracks with classic Hip Hop, R&B, Dance, Rock, Soul, Funk, and Disco. His versatile style enables him to play for various audiences. He has played at the country’s biggest events, and played alongside some of the world’s best DJs. 

Here are some notes during their talk.

Tips on running a bar #ClubBusiness101
Find your DRIVE. What drives you to do this. 
Find a mentor. 
Take a Risk. 

"Djs before is hidden somewhere. Now, DJs have more advantage & options & chance be more creative & bigger" - Mars Miranda
"What is EDM? Electronic Dance Music. Godzilla genetic mutation of House Music. " - @StephenKu
Commercializations of EDM music. It sells more liquor, tickets and was good for business. -@StephenKu
"Indie Electronic Music. Or Indie Dance is the new trend and becoming mainstream." - @StephenKu
One what is the trend now. "OLD IS THE NEW NEW" - @StephenKu

Tim Yap, Stephen Ku, Mars Miranda, Joey Mead.
Next are DJs Katsu Razon & Michail Schemm
DJs Katsu Razon & Michail Schemm doing a live DJ Set demo

DJ Mikail’s sound revolves between House and Techno. Throughout his career, Mikhail has played in cities such as London, Paris, Barcelona, Miami, Rome, Bali, Hong Kong and Singapore. Mikail has shared the decks with heavyweight DJ’s such as Jamie xx, Kerri Chandler, Magda, Nina Kraviz, Chez Damier, Kyle Hall, Phil Weeks, Stacey Pullen, DJ Rolando, Shaun Reeves just to name a few. He also co-founded FunkyZeit warehouse parties in London, and was a resident in Another Party in Singapore. Today, he is now based in Manila and has a drive and passion for growing the quality electronic music scene in the country and the region. He co-founded SYGNS - a new experience and event brand for clubbing in Manila, which aims to grow the underground electronic music scene.

Katrina “Katsu” Razon was born and raised in Manila and her first DJ adventures started at the age of seventeen in Manila’s nightlife circuit with house to electro. In 2009, Katsu started playing frequently in clubs and events in and around Boston, Massachusetts. She co-founded an events and promotions group that brings international house and techno artists to play shows in Boston called Soundscape and the Manila Music Festival (MMF) back in 2012. Aside from playing music at clubs and events, Katsu has collaborated with house and techno artists by lending her voice to original productions. Under her alter-ego pseudonym Lady Falkor, she has been featured in Guy Gerber’s Fabric 64 album, which landed on DJ Mag’s Top 10 Albums of 2012.

What's important is "Love for the music" - @KatrinaRazon
Loving end enjoying what you do. DJ Michail

They also called on stage DJ Badkiss to join  them on stage.

Tim Yap, DJ Katsu Razon, DJ Michail, DJ Badkiss and Joey Mead
Next speakers were Pav Parrotte and Ingo Vogelmann

Pav Parrotte was originally from the UK but firmly based in Manila since 2006 and has built a reputation as one of Manila’s Finest DJ’s. He holds down a residency at Manila’s only underground club, TIME in Manila where he has been able to finely shape his craft playing week in and week out. Pav has opened or closed for many greats including SLAM, Beroshima, Secret Cinema, Satoshi Fumi, Ramon Tapia, Jimmy Van M, Dave Seaman, DJ Bone, Nick Warren, Christian Smith & Xhin amongst many, many others. Pav has played at venues all across the globe including Ministry of Sound, Pacha and The Egg in London as well as numerous other venues in the UK, The Philippines, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, India and Singapore. In addition to being a DJ and producing, Pav is also one of the men behind the record label Asia Music and as Director of Music and Business Development he is on a swift journey to take underground dance music from Asia and feed it to the world.

Ingo has established himself as one of the most influential figures in the field of electronic music over the years as both a DJ, and a producer. 7 albums and over 150 singles and remixes, he is currently working on his 8th artist album for which he teamed up with the Danish classical/crossover singer Helene Hørlyck, as well as New York City based singer Jane Silence, to create another pioneering work in the field of advanced electronic music. Last 2013, Ingo moved to Philippines to start his new STUDIO 909 for which he composes and produces new music for artists and labels.

"B4 you need a shitload of people to create a show/music. Now, one person just need a few gadgets"
"Back then. People didn't go for the DJ, then went for the music." - @PavParrotte
Tim Yap, Pav Parrotte, Ingo Vogelmann & Joey Mead
Next up is non other than the 5 time No. 1 DJ in the world Armin Van Buuren! 

"What I like about playing long hours is taking the audience to a journey."
"EDM will be evolving with lots of genres. DIVERSIFICATION." 
"Problem is people have different understanding of genres, good music is good music"
"My heart is at TRANCE" 

Which classic would @arminvanbuuren like to rework again. Four Elements. 
"What they don't know about is that it's a fun job, but hard work."
"You go on stage and you do your best"

"You can work with the biggest artist but a dream collaboration is nothing if the song is shit."
"Pre-show ritual. Group Hug. Short speech and 10 sec silence." 
"I've learned a lot and I'm moving on from the type of music that I'm used to do"
"You have to do something that you like"

Here's Armin shaking the hand of Nicky Jurado's son.

The Tattoo Trend Talks was inspiring and such an eye opener. Looking forward to more Tatto Trend Talks. :)

Mr. Dong Ronquillo, Globe VP for Tattoo Nomadic Broadband Business, Tim Yap, Armin and Joey Mead.

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More photos below.
The Beautiful DJ Katsu Razon 
Katsu Razon and DJ Michail

Someone from the Asia's Nex Top Model  :) Goog the name. :)
DJ's Deuce Manila with Globe's Cat Trivino

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