Coca-Cola marks 4th season of Football Festival.


Coca-Cola kicked-off the fourth season of its Coca-Cola Football Festival at the Alabang Country Club last May 3, 2014. Mr. Guillermo Aponte President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines was there and welcomed the media to a a short briefing.

Mr. Guillermo Aponte President and General Manager of Coca-Cola Philippines
The Coca-Cola Football Festival started  4 years ago with the goal to bring soccer all over to more regions in the country. Coca-Cola's commitment is to continuously support healthy active living, the sport is also a great exercise for the kids and teaches them to be disciplined.

The league was able to gather 230 teams or close to P 3,500 players from all over the country with 11 different age categories. What's amazing with this one is that it is played on 22 football fields simultaneously. Each team limited to 7 players and only one team per club or school per division is allowed to join.

Globally, Coke supports over 280 active healthy living programs in 115 countries. Believing in having a physical activity as a requisite to being healthy and understanding energy balance. The brand also help individuals make informed choices on food consumption and proper hydration aside from engaging in different physical activities. 

Aponte added that through these different programs and initiatives they are able to promote importance or regular exercise with a balance diet and having an active lifestyle is needed to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

The Coca-Cola Football Festival is made possible because of the strong partnership with Makati Football Club, Alabang Football School, Alabang Country Club, YMCA and the NCR Football Association. 

We were able to ask Mr. Aponte if they have clinics or trainings the coke have in different regions of the country. Guillermo said "No clinics for now, right now we partnered up with specialized clubs for the Festival. They support these clinics that helps these kids". Personally, I think that it's nice that the company is able to support these kinds of activities for kids. Something that will keep the youth moving and getting active in sports.

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