How can we be a Life Charger?


So what is a Life Charger? These are people committed to a vision. Driven by passion and desire to achieve better in life for themselves and for others.

People like Hindy Weber Tantoco and Maxie Abad are what Pharmaton calls, Life Chargers. A busy mom of four and an icon in the fashion industry and a lawyer, triathlete and the founder of the Manila Soccer Academy, you would wonder how they get all the energy that they need to the daily happenings in their lives.

What keeps them going is what inspires them. The drive of what looks like without limits in the pursuit of their goals. When asked what inspires Maxie, it is his passion for football. Inspiring kids on his Manila Soccer Academy is one fulfilling mission. Maxie believes that "when one is inspired, passion will come and everyday one can find something that ignites it." said the former player of the Philippine National Football team.

Hindy gets her inspirations from her children. Wanting to put better food on the table for kids, she shares her knowledge in organic farming through her business Holy Carabao, a biodynamic farm that started when she decided that she wants healthier food for her family. "My Drive is to be able to uplift the lives if others".

These Life Chargers acknowledges the boost in energy that they get from Pharmaton. It consists of Multivitamins + Minerals + Deanol + Ginseng Extract which gives them the lasting energy to live out their passions and stay committed to their visions. As Maxie puts it, “what you put in, you get out.” Being an athlete, he sees the value in getting support from Pharmaton for physical and mental activities. Hindy added that no matter how good the food we eat is, there are still environmental, emotional and mental stresses we encounter. One has to have really good energy or “life force,” as she calls it, for busy days with the family and at work.

So, what inspires you?

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