The Burger Project Experience


I've always been a fan of a good burger. I would always order one every time I visit a new place that has burger in it. I could just taste it now... the bread, the patty, the toppings, the juiciness and tastiness of it all.

I was able try out this burger joint in Scout Rallos called The Burger Project. Taking the word 'project' literally (in a way). Thsi burger place lets you customize you burger however you want it.

When go in to this burger joint, they will give you a form for you to fill out. Don't worry its easy. You just tick the boxes that you like. If you're not so sure on what to order and don't want to be a burger architect that day, they have a couple of choices already designed for you.

I think what I had was the Western Bacon Melt. I just opted to go for what is already there and tested so as not to be disappointed with my burger. Chris Graham who is the franchise owner says that this is one of the best sellers.

I went for the Angus patty and ended up with P260 on my tab that fast... Now let's see if it would be worth it..BAM!

Yeap, it's worth it...Just look at that towering burger. From the inviting onion rings dripping with saucy goodness, the patty and the delicious bacon. I just chose the ordinary sesame seen bun. You have the option to change it by the way. P20 for the tomato and oatmeal, and P25 for the Brioche bun.

I forgot the name of this burger. (sadly)
 Isn't that just inviting? :)  I think this one is the Bleu Buffalo, that's blue cheese right there.

Aside from the burgers, we also ordered some sides... Chili Cheese Fries P145
Chili Cheese Fries P145
 and Mozarella Sticks P145.00
Mozarella Sticks P145.00
I think this is a milkshake which is around  P150 each.
I gotta say, I thought that one burger would be just right for me and possibly not enough. But after munching on the good and big juicy burger, half way there I felt I was starting to fill up. Took a break from the burger and went for the Chili Cheese Fries. I think I'm addicted to this already. It was cheesy, savory and the fries wasn't soggy even though it was soaked in the cheese. Now who can say no to that right?

One corner of the room was filled up with posters and some customized burger poster of personalities. It was nice to look at... I also wondered how each of the burger featured there taste.

This sign you will see just before you will enter the store. It's a simple guide to burger architects out there. :)

Well... eventhough we tried to finish the whole burger we couldn't. I needed to save some space for we are to try the new place just beside this burger joint. Mrs. Grahams Macaron Cafe. Which is of course Chris' Wife. 

So if you are going to ask me if I am to go back to this place? I would say yes. They have something good going in here. The experience of making and eating what you just customized is not something that you can see in every burger place. The Burger Project would probably be in the top 5 burger place in my list. :)

Now, let's head over to Mrs. Grahams Macaron Cafe, shall we?

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