JDI continues partnership with DepEd to help Yolanda-hit school children


Four months after the tragedy of Typhoon Yolanda struck Leyte and neighboring areas, Jardine Distribution, Inc., remains steadfast in its commitment to work with the Department of Education in helping school children recover from the trauma of their experience and continue with their education. Since January, JDI has been distributing tents and learners’ kits to typhoon-affected areas including Leyte, Northern Cebu, and Ormoc.

“Social projects related to education have always been a priority for JDI. We believe that education provides one of the greatest benefits to young people because it empowers them to shape their own future using the knowledge and skills that they learn.”

“Children’s education in Yolanda-hit areas has been severely disrupted because of the disaster. This deprives children not only of their sense of normalcy but also of valuable learning opportunities that are crucial for their future success. This is why we partnered with the Department of Education so we can do our part in helping these school children,” said Edwin Hernandez, JDI President and General Manager.

In Leyte, JDI distributed 1,000 learners’ kits to replace school materials that were swept away by the floods. The company also distributed 120 tents that schoolchildren used as temporary classrooms while they were waiting for their schools to be rebuilt.

“Helping these children resume their education is crucial to their psychological, moral, and intellectual recovery. Based on our discussions with the DepEd, it was concluded that resuming regular schooling as soon as possible will ease the children back into a sense of normalcy and give them hope that things are starting to get better,” said Hernandez.

JDI continued its efforts in Northern Cebu and Ormoc, where children were able to resume their schooling thanks to the learners’ kits and tents. According to Hernandez, the end of classes this March will not mean the end of JDI’s commitment to continue helping school children in Yolanda-hit areas.

He pointed out that JDI was one of the donors that entered into an MOA with the Department of Education in January and the company is committed to honoring that agreement as long as its help is needed.

“Yolanda was a huge tragedy but we Filipinos have proven that we can work together and, in a way, be bigger than any storm that comes our way, as long as we stay focused and committed to helping our fellow man. JDI is privileged to be able to do its part,” he said.

Jardine Distribution, Inc. represents a number of local and global companies that provide world-class crop protection and construction chemical products. They are focused on the safe use of these products, providing technical support, and with due consideration of environmental protection.

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