Future x Market changing how we look at Escolta.


Saw on a post of Carlos Celdran on Facebook about this Future Market in Escolta. I got so intrigued so Nix and I decided to visit the place. Based on the stories of my parents, Escolta used to be the shopping district of the great Manila, but when you ask me what is Escolta now, I'd say that it was once a lively and busy street. The nicely designed buildings still stand but most of it are left bare and is now occupied by food and convenience chains. It now looks bare.. a shell of where great moments and stories were shared.

98B Collaboratory has this project called Saturday x Future Market. This is where entrepreneurs and local artists gather once a month to interact with the community and sell goods. (Some great finds!) One of the main goal of the group is to basically support local, pushing for the creativity of artists and somehow a subtle response against today's commercialism. 

The items sold are similar to what you can see in some bazaars, flea market and the like. There are some collectibles, hand made arts, second hand clothes, jewelries and a lot of stuff.

There's this group called the Polarities. They carry some really nice designs. They have a Filipino-themed graphic art print on wood. The price range from around P100-P300.

Here's a trivia. The First United Building where the last Future x Market was held, was designed by Juan Luna’s son Andres Luna de San Pedro. The Berg’s Department Store, one of Manila’s upscale department stores in the 1930s use to be in the same building.

So why Escolta? They saw the potential when 98B Collaboratory moved to the mezzanine of the building. 

Being in Manila ever since I can remember, it's nice to see that someone is doing something and making efforts in putting Escolta to the map again. The heritage, the history and the amazing architectural designs, I really hope that Escolta, one of the oldest neighborhood in the country can survive another century. 

Good Job 98B Collaboratory. Sign me up.

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