Tutuban Center celebrates 25 years with a cause. "Fashion for Compassion"


It has been 25 years and what a better way to celebrate the momentous Silver Anniversary than with glitz, glamour and lots of festivities right? Well, Tutuban Center did it differently. They celebrated the momentous milestone by having a simple yet meaningful celebration for their 25th anniversary anchored on thanksgiving and sharing with the community. 

That's right. As part of giving back and helping the community, Tutuban Center started a blood-letting activity in partnership with Philippine Red Cross last February 21. It was then highlighted by a thanksgiving mass participated by tenants, service providers, business partners and employees. Ending the celebration with a fund-raising fashion show called “Fashion for Compassion” for the benefit of “Tahan-Tahanan” and “Child Haus.”

“Tahan-tahanan” is a haven for cancer-stricken children and their families coming from the provinces who seek treatment in Metro Manila hospitals. Similarly, “Child Haus” provides temporary shelter for province-based indigent cancer patients.

The participants of the fashion show were the tenants of the center. Showcasing their latest collection and designs. I did find some very neat and interesting dress and suits that's good for casual and formal occasion.

Here are some photos of more casual wear.

I'm sensing a common thing in these three photos. 

One of the models there that projects well.

Now here's a few from the men.

There were also kids who participated in the fashion show.

More photos here.

Indeed, it’s a silver milestone worth celebrating in the glitziest and most fabulous manner. But nobody said glitz and glamor can’t be meaningful and this year, Tutuban Center wants to make a difference. 

Congratulations and Happy Anniversary Tutuban Center!

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