My Magnum Gold experience.


One Sunday afternoon, we ended up at the BF area while visiting a family, Since we were there already, we decided to look for some fruits and home items to take home.Good think there's SM Supermarket in that area.

After cashing out, I saw a freezer and some posters saying selling Magnum. It was really inviting because it said "2 for P100" Magnum Gold.

I couldn't let the opportunity pass so I bought two sets. I ate the first one on our way home and eating them again now. Magnum made this huge craze when it first came out and it was really effective in getting the attention of consumers. Well it caught mine. I didn't give in to its first boom in the market and I admit that I didn't want to be part of those crowd where they are all enjoying the same thing. "It's just ice cream on a stick, what's different about it?" I asked my self. But then, events and gathering after another, I finally gave in. Classic, Chocolate Truffle, Almond, Chocolate Brownie, White, Double Chocolate and so many others! I didn't know that there was a lot to choose from and something in me just wanted to find a Magnum flavor that is just for me. At one point, I was even tempted to try all of them in one sitting.

I thought I settled with the Chocolate & Strawberry. It was just right for me because the flavor didn't overpower the whole creamy vanilla that's inside the good Belgian chocolate coating. It was oh so good to me, until.. Gold happened.

Silky vanilla bean ice cream swirled with sea salt caramel and covered in a golden coating made with Belgian Milk Chocolate. Now tell me that description didn't just make you imagine the taste of Magnum Gold.

Here you go, Magnum Gold?!  Such inviting treat on a stick! Yellow there!!!

Cracked open one to take a peak inside.

Magnum playing sexy and teasing me.

For me it had the right saltiness and perfect vanilla cream and Belgian chocolate coating. It's not to sweet for my taste and just the right size.

I took a bite and a hint of chocolate welcomed me. The Caramel shows itself after seconds and the silkiness of the vanilla bean cream was just so good on my mouth. If you dig in a bit more you'd taste some salted caramel swirls on your ice cream. It was good for me! Although I did end up looking for a bit more saltiness on the caramel part but hey, I couldn't complain. Ice cream has a way of pleasing me and making me forget stuff. :)

So take advantage of this as the salt craze won't be around forever and the promo 2 Magnum Gold?! for P 100?! Well, Get a couple and store it in your fridge! :)

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