Converse Cons: Born for the Streets—Tough with Stylish Looks


At first, it’s hard to tell what X-Games superstar skater Nick Trapasso and hip-hop group Flatbush Zombies have in common. The Xtreme Games athlete and the hip-hop band from the tough and gritty side of Brooklyn seem to be worlds apart: but one thing they agree on is this—for their rugged, street-wise, and active lifestyle which is full of turns, surprises, challenges, and daring escapes, only one footwear can see them through: Converse Cons.

Converse Cons is a lifestyle brand designed for a sport-inspired culture and made for the tough action and wear and tear, and rough and tumble of the streets. Trapasso trusts Cons to pull him through the various breath-taking stunts he does on his skateboard that would give a lesser sneaker a bad beating. With Cons however, Trapasso achieves control for sharp turns, blazing spins, high-flying action, skids and sudden stops. 

As for Flatbush Zombies, any band that puts out music titled “D.R.U.G.S” and mix-tapes called “BetterOffDEAD” is doing serious business. Converse Cons gives them the street cred to perform their razor-edge, brash, and darkly political music. It’s footwear fitted from the gritty music of the streets.

Converse Cons is crafted as a combo of 90s retro vibe with the latest innovative, strong, high-tech materials and looks that inspire respect. It’s tough, rugged exteriors blend well with the retro elements and provide support and control. Its React System, it moves as you move as quickly as you move when you need to. Footwear in the Cons line includes Aero Jam, Anarchy, and Star Player Plus.

Converse Cons is perfect for your street lifestyle as sports and active wear as well as your ticket to being awesome yet tough and understated—all of which are, essentially, a new level of cool.

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