Starbucks Chinese New Year and Valentines merchandise!- Insta Blog post

I visited the ever busy Starbucks beside the coliseum. I haven't been here for months now. I used to frequent the place when I was still connected with Araneta Center. Here's a shot of the place. 

Anyways, was down here and decided to  have a small chat about work while waiting for the car coding to be lifted (7pm). Ordered the usual, Venti Hot Caramel Macchiatto. 

For those who's watching their sugar and have a nice sleep, you can have you beverage Non-Fat, Sugar free, Decaf. You can also mention to them, Upside down so that you wouldn't have to stir the drink anymore.

Anyways, before I ordered the drink, dropped by the tumbler and mug area and checked out their new items. They have a couple of good ones for the coming valentines and Chinese New Year. 

Here are some up close up shots of their merchandise.

The red horse mug looks nice. I think I'll  get that the next time I visit starbucks. 


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