Imagine More with Manfrotto's Befree and the New 190 tripods.


Manfrotto has just launched their latest model of their tripod. Yes a really cool one. For those who don't know, Manfrotto is a company based in Northern Italy, a group that designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of camera and lighting support equipment for the professional photographic, film, theater, live entertainment and video markets.
Lighter and more compact than the 055, the 190 is the most classic and popular tripod in the Manfrotto range. Continuously evolving over the years it is a beautifully balanced tool, and thanks to the wide range of models and versions, the 190 is the ideal tripod for a great number of users - from hobbyists to pro. It offers advanced settings, and like the 055 it can be fitted with a number of optional accessories to increase its capabilities. It is available in different configurations and in two materials: aluminium and carbon fibre. Besides the carbon fibre tubes, the CX versions also feature ultra light magnesium casting, and in the Pro version, the carbon fibre column

Now to better apprciate information about this new 190, check out the video below.

During the launch they featured two tripods. The Manfrotto Befree which has an SRP of PhP 11,590 while the Manfrotto 190 starts at PhP 24,290. Pretty high for a tripod huh? But Photographers and enthusiasts will surely appreciate the quality and the usefulness of this Marfrotto masterpiece.

The excutives of Tao Philippines (ThinkDharma Distribution and Marketing Network) and Vitec Group.

Known photographer demonstration how to setup and showing the versatility of the Manfrotto 190.

If you're more of an active photographer shoots a lot of landscape and a lot of outdoors, then this would be a really good bet.

For a more details information about Manfrotto, check out this link.

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