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Starbucks Card Carrier Unboxing

By November 04, 2013 ,

Starbucks Card Carrier

One reader asked me how many cards can fit in the Limited Edition Card Carrier of Starbucks and that encouraged me to might as well do an unboxing of it.

Here's the box.
Starbucks Card Carrier

and the insides.
Starbucks Card Carrier

You can fit around 4 cards and it will be just right.
Starbucks Card CarrierStarbucks Card Carrier

I am not sure if you can fit in your folded bills and some IDs here coz 4 cards will just be the right fit without deforming the leather card carrier.

You can get this leather card carrier with 4 different colors to choose from for only P 1,500 load to your new Starbucks Card. Check out the colors below.

Starbucks 2013 New Card Designs

So, if you load P1,500 today, November 4 to November 6, you get this limited edition card carrier for free! :)
Starbucks 2013 New Card Designs

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