Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection


Converse invited me and a couple of fashion bloggers to their flagship store in Glorietta 2. We were asked to come up with an outfit using the shoes and other merchandise (jackets, caps and bags) from Converse's Weatherized Collection.  Even though the holiday season promises a cooler weather, its still unpredictable nowadays. Good thing Converse have the Weatherized Fall 2013 Collection.

We were given a challenge to interpret a distinct ensemble using the brand's Weatherized Collection on shoes and apparels. So here I go! 

I was given a couple of Weatherized Converse shoes to choose from, but I went for this. First look at the JP and I knew I just had to get another iconic brand from Converse Jack Purcell!!!! 
Converse Weatherized Collection
Converse Weatherized Collection

Solid fit, classic Jack Purcell design at the tip with a really nice and soft premium leather quality. It has a reimagined camo interior with a nice foot bed. It also has heel tab for easy pull on comfort. I also love the metal eyelets, it adds a really nice touch. A nice and true fall stylish sneaker! This beautiful JP masterpiece costs  P 3,990.00 - Jack Purcell Duck (brown)

For the bag, this one is part of the Back Pack Holiday 2013 Collection | Color: Grapeleaf P 2,669.76
Converse Weatherized Collection

Here are the complete items I borrowed for the styling. 
Converse Weatherized Collection

I forgot the prices on the Hoodie Jacket and the Cap. (I lost the paper) But I think the cap is around P 450.00.

I wanted to comeup with one distinct look. I decided to go for the Fresh-Out-Of-The-Army look. (A look that I'm currently into) So I just wore a simple gray printed shirt and camouflage pants. Check out the photos below.

The cap fits perfectly on my head. It also has a flap on both sides, an option for you to cover your ears. This army inspired cap with ear flaps is great for cooler weather, it's usually what hunters wear, I guess. The grey-black striped jacket provides a nice contrast from the green / camouflage. It's something to cover me up for the cold season. 

You can wear the cap on your head or hang it on your pants if you want your head to breath. I just love the accent and the attitude the hat and the navy colored back pack bag put on my whole ensemble.

This is a look that I am currently a fan of, it makes me feel that I am actually in the army or something :).  I guess that's what Converse do to us, they help us find who we are and who we want to be. You're limitless and there's no restriction.

I can wear this ensemble may it be on my travel adventures or in the city. The Chuck Taylor All Star Weatherized Collection perfectly displays the rough yet fashionable side and flexibility of the Converse brand. These items sure does level up my wardrobe.  Converse unleashes the unique fashion sense style to the next level.

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