BenQ and their Flicker-free Monitors.

BenQ has been internationally known for their digital innovations and also in the field of LED  monitors. A few weeks back, they announced the Flicker-free technology across all of their product range. 

During the launch that I attended, they educated the media with the eye stain caused by heavy use of computers and notebook. BenQ took note of this issue and has been actively seeking solutions to ease the viewing experience of all users.

The technology is called the BenQ Flicker-free Yechnology Senseye® Reading Mode and the Eye Protect Sensor. So what is Flicker-Free? It means that that LED backlight controller doesn't have any flashing effect anymore. Flicker or flashing effect is when the monitor adjusts to the changes in brightness level.

When this happens, the human eye, sensitive to the slightest signals, strains the ciliary muscle trying to adjust to the nearly invisible flickering on the screen, causing users to experience eyestrain, eye fatigue, headaches or even myopia. BenQ’s new Flicker-free monitors adopt a unique De-flickering Backlight Circuit Controller for a zero-flickering viewing experience and in turn help reduce the eye health concerns raised by a fast-flickering display and/or prolonged usage of PCs and notebooks. The use of a Flicker-free monitor with a computer or a notebook offers a better view and a more comfortable viewing experience for all.

Other complementary ergo-related features of BenQ Flicker-free monitors include:
· Senseye® Reading Mode that recreates the comfortable experience of reading actual books by adjusting the monitor’s color temperature and brightness levels, as well as balancing its contrast ratio and sharpness, to stimulate the look of paperback paper
· Automatic Eye-Protect Sensor* that detect ambient light levels and adjust the monitor brightness automatically throughout the day for optimized clarity and eye comfort
· Height Adjustment Stand (HAS)* allows you to find the best viewing angles for personal work or screen sharing with an extensive range of monitor adjustments – height, tilt, pivot, stroke and swivel.
· The Smart Reminder* gently reminds users to take a break in a predefined time interval. The breaks not only keep users’ eyes comfortable and healthy, but also ensure desirable productivity.
· Anti-Glare Display avoids straining your eyes when the monitor faces a light source. With a matte-finished screen, you don’t need to deal with the annoying reflection.
*on selected model
The first BenQ Flicker-free monitor, the GW2760HS, is now available worldwide. For more information, please visit