WebsiteExpress.BIZ opens first website store

First in its category. WebsiteExpress.BIZ wants to target the SMEs and bringing it closer to the people other than people looking for a decent and reputable website designer. 

With the goal in making website creation more accessible, WebsiteExpress.BIZ has just recent;y opened up their first store at the Level 1 of Shangri-La Plaza Mall. The store  might look small when looking at it. But it stands out and the 4-square meter space packs a lot of services in it. Like deliver or leave your store fliers there and they would be able to mock up a site for you in a few hours. Like go to the booth, watch a movie or eat and come back and they'll be ready with your mock up site. 

Agents who will be assigned there will help you decide what you need for your site and also offers consultancy and even offers website management.

The kiosk is part of the company’s aggressive push to “consumerize” the creation of websites in the country. The initiative thus makes WebsiteExpress.BIZ the first website development company in the Philippines to bring directly to the people via this “push” initiative the idea of making websites more accessible to many Filipino entrepreneurs.

“You don’t see, hear or read anything today that doesn’t make mention of a website URL. A website is considered ‘your window to the world’ so primarily, a good website provides everyone a first impression of you or your business,” says Kristian Alisasis Pura who is the Head of the Digital Media Group of NOW Corporation.

WebsiteExpress.BIZ, a web development store of NOW Corporation (formerly Information Capital Technology Ventures, Inc. or ICTV). One thing that Mr. Pura is proud of is that their company is a publicly listed company at the Philippine Stock Exchange. 

Pura also shared that in this dynamic and fast changing market, it is important that every business must have a website in achieving financial success or for image building. May it be for business owners or professionals. Mr. Pura also shared that they are looking at expanding the concept and carefully looking at an effective franchise model for this one. It would be nice to have this kind of a new business trend happening in the Philippines. 

So, for a free advice on how to start your credibility online through an effective website, call WebsiteExpress.BIZ at (02) 799-7700 local 169, direct line (02) 623-0996 or email To see sample works, visit

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