O Shopping and ABS-CBN works together to bring shopping at home.

So, what is this http://www.oshopping.com.ph that my blogger friends have been posting online just a few moments ago? After ninja Googling, I found out that this is a joint venture between ABS-CBN Corporation and CJ O Shopping Corporation Ltd., which one of the world's largest home shopping companies.

The O Shopping Channel is on a 24/7 via Sky Cable and Global Destiny but it also airs through ABS-CBN's Channel 2 and Studio 23.

The group says that they recognize time and money, and with that, they are introducing a new shopping lifestyle where consumers are empowered with information about highly reliable products that they can be obtained through a time-saving purchasing process. ( I wonder how that would go)

1. Relax and watch O Shopping Channel at the comfort of your own homes.
2. Found something interesting to buy? Call our hotline 800 0000. Our friendly customer service representatives will gladly assist you.
3. Once your order has been confirmed, we will deliver right at your doorstep. Give us 2 to 3 business days to deliver if you're within Metro Manila and 8 to 10 business days if you're outside Metro Manila.
4. It's easy to pay. Cash on Delivery or Mobile POS debit card and credit card (Mastercard, Visa).

O Shopping's merchandise includes kitchen, home, exercise and beauty products trusted by customers worldwide. They have an innovative hotline and are assisted by their sales consultants with whom they can place their orders and arrange for home deliveries.

Check out O Shopping website for more details and their Facebook page right here.

So... Is online shopping easier or this one? I guess we'll see. 

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