Affordable Luxury at Hair Philosophie Salon

Somewhere in the busy streets of Salcedo Village Makati lies a luxurious haven for the residents and the office workers nearby. The place is called Hair Philosophie by Jing Monis. 

Originally Hair Philosophie Salon, owned by Mr. Benjie and Mrs. Agnes Lopez, this humble salon opened last January of 2012 with the goal of offering premium hair care services at an affordable price.

The transformation happened when the owners came across Mr. Jing Monis. Sharing the same vision, they ventured into a business together that would change and improve the existing Hair Philosophie. With Mr. Jing Monis' Passion, Energy, Creativity and Expertise, the owners realized that with his guidance, they would be able to fulfill their dreams together.

And now, Hair Philosophie is reborn and has just recently opened to the public. They are located at 117 Tordesillas street,  Fin Man building ground floor. Salcedo Village Makati. You may call them at (02) 836 7681 or email them at

I had the privilege to be pampered by the wonderful staff of Philosophie. They did a few snips and gave my hair the color that I wanted.

Here's my hair before.

A little bit of waiting... and some instagram-ing (They have a decent wifi connection btw)

Mr. Vain.

Boom there you go! I'm not the type that gets his hair done regularly and finds the time to really fix it. I'm a wash and wear type of guys so I'm not really good in fixing my hair. But Hair Philosophie sure does know how to fix it up really nice. :)

My deepest thanks to the awesome team and wonderful service done by Hair Philosophie to me and my wife. Thanks so much!

With Ms. Rain Dones of Hair Philosophie
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