David Gandy for SM Men's Fashion

When I first got the invite, I didn't know who David Gandy was, and after doing some ninja Googling, there is this guy which who was familiar and I think I've seen on some glossy magazine and ads. Well, David Gandy is also one of the highest paid model the world and is now SM Men's Fashion latest endorser.

He graced the media for short interview and walked the runway during the SM Men's Fashion Show for the Philippine Fashion Week. 
Interviewed by Marc Nelson
Here are some of the question and answers during the media interview with him.

What does he like wearing? Suits he says. He'd wear three-piece suits always if he can, but here in the Philippines he doesn't think that we'd survive with the heat. 

When he was asked on how he stays fit? Well, he has an app. Just go download it.

Why did he say yes to SM? He said that he's very choosy with the brands the he represents. When SM Men's Fashion approached him, he checked SM's history and saw that SM worked with Sarah Jessica Parker last year. He likes the fact that SM makes fashion accessible for everyone just as how he makes it for everyone when he writes about fashion in Telegraph, Vogue and GQ.

So, who are his fashion icons? "I go back to history, really. I look at Hollywood greats like Paul Newman, Steve McQueen, Cary Grant, and Prince Charles, who are immacutely dressed all the time."

Things he can't live without? Suit, Sunglasses, Shoes, T-shirts and watches. (I'd have to agree with him. But no pair of good jeans? C'mon man.)

What's his favorite model moment? "It still is the Light Blue ad from Dolce & Gabbana. It's a shoot that you dream of, and I haven't had anything as big as that. I've always wanted to work with the best creatives, and create something pretty astonishing. I was on a speedboat with Mario Testino at 6:00 a.m., and that was the first time I'd worked with him. I felt a little intimidated."

Watch out for my post on the SM Men's Fashion Show during the Philippine Fashion Week. David Gandy also graced the runway.

More photos here of David Gandy during the media interview.

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