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Experiencing BOSE Like Never Before - QuietComfort20 First Impression

By October 10, 2013 , ,

Bose Like No Other
Attended a Bose event last week and was blown away by their newest innovations. The QuietComfort20 Headphones and the Soundlink Mini Speaker.

Let me start of with the QuietComfort 20.  
Bose Like No Other
This is the first of Bose's in-ear headphones with active cancellation. I personally was able to try this headphones. As far as I remember, Bose has been the top of mind when it comes to noise canceling headphones since they first introduced their first QuietComfort way back in 2000. The designs since has changed from around-the-ear and over-the-ear, now with their first in-ear headphones with noise cancellation, Bose is set to revolutionize in-ear headphones and noise cancellation at the same time.

Bose Like No Other This headphone weighs around 1.5 ounces or so. They have two versions of this, they also have the QuietComfort20i which is pretty much the same price as the other one but this one is more friendly for select iPhone, iPad and iPod users which has volume control. Oh and both of the headphones also has a mic so you can take calls with them.

Bose Like No Other

The QuietComfort20 has two small microphones that detects the sound approaching and the other one measuring the sound inside. Made for comfort, performance and flexibility, you can easily turn the device into what Bose calls "Aware Mode" which allows you to completely hear they things going around you without completely stopping the source completely. You can find this trigger in the small button which give you control on what to hear and when with a push of a button.

They have this lithium battery pack which packs all the power. Rechargeable via micro USB, they say that this packs around 16-hours play time, but when it dies, the music goes on.

Bose Like No OtherBose Like No Other

The headphone comes with a zippered cloth carrying case and three sized of "StayHear+" ear tips. These eartips fits nicely to the outer portion of our ear for better acoustics (i think). This in-ear has wings to brace itself against the cup of the outer ear.
Bose Like No Other

Here is a quick guide and tips for the users.

Here's another video.

First Impressions
It's hard to come up with a final review on this headphones without actually trying it for a couple of weeks.

But from what I experienced inside the Bose listening room, where I felt my chest pump and bones shudder when I was wearing the QC20 in noise cancellation mode. And when we were asked to remove it, I realized that there was this monster of an engine, a crowd and a train playing in the background. I mean was aware of it but I can't barely hear it because of the noise-cancellation headphones. After removing the QC20, I was just amazed by it. It was impressive and nothing like it on the market.

My only concern on this headphones is the pack that is part of the cable. I understand that it is needed for the noise cancellation but if its convenience, I fear that the brick like pack might get in the way. I'm interested to find out how it plays out on daily use.

As for the quality and fit, great sound quality and so comfortable in the ears. I can say that compared to other noise-cancellation headphones, this one lead the rest. Good job Bose!

Selling price of QC20 and QC20i is P 18,000.00. It's a bit on the high side but let us not forget that this is Bose and we are talking about premium sound quality. If you ask me if this is worth it? Well if your job is somewhere in the field mo music and sound, I recommend that you get this.. If you love music, you'd love music more with the QC20s. I tell you. Get this.

Check out photos of the box.
Bose Like No OtherBose Like No Other

Coming up next, Bose Soundlink Mini first impressions. Watch out for it. :)
Bose Like No Other

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