Bio-Oil, Winner of 135 Skin Care Awards, is now in the Philippines


Goodbye scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones! The little secret is out and is now finally in the Philippines!

Ambassador Celebrity mom and beauty queen, Ms. Precious Lara-Quigaman shared during the launch at Shangrila how Bio-oil has improved the appearance of her stretch marks after childbirth.

Bio-Oil is a skincare oil that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone is now available at leading drugstores nationwide. It has a formulation of combined plant extracts and vitamins suspended in an oil base. It contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil™, which changes the formulation’s overall consistency, making it light and non-greasy. This ensures that the goodness contained in the vitamins and plant extracts is easily absorbed. Bio-Oil is also effective against ageing and dehydrated skin.

Winning over 135 skincare awards, Bio-Oil has become the number one scar and stretch mark product in 16 countries. It has also undergone safety assessments in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council on Cosmetic Products. Bio-Oil has been used safely by pregnant women for over 20 years.

I've some scars myself that I earned from going through Sumaguing cave and I can't wait try Bio-oil myself and see the difference. You guys can try it yourself and see. Grab a bottle now and experience the little skin secret everybody’s talking about. Bio-Oil is available at leading drugstores at the recommended selling price of Php 495.00 (60ml bottle). For comprehensive product information and results of clinical trials, please visit

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