Ramen Champion is coming to Manila!

Ramen Champion, the biggest ramen food theme park in Asia with branches in Japan, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and soon to open in New York, Jakarta and Shanghai will now be in Manila! Definitely a big gastronomic experience to all ramen lovers and enthusiasts.

By the end of 2013, a 650 sqm arena will open its doors in Manila and it will be the battle ground for the 6 well-known Japanese ramen masters fighting for the title Ramen Champion. The concept is creating an environment of a food amusement street style setting with 6 different stalls of Japanese ramen brands. Customers will get to experience and taste different kinds of ramen prepared by the Japanese chefs, all in one place. These ramen masters will be judged by the end of the competition based on sales and customer votes to determine "The First Ramen Champion of the Philippines"

Mr. Bryan Tiu of IFoods together with Ko Nakagawa & Koki Matsuda of Ramen Champion Singapore is bringing this competition to the Philippines to showcase and share with us Filipinos the technology, authenticity, process, the art and richness of culture behind every ramen preparation. The President and CEO of IFoods Inc. Mr. Bryan Tiu is also the man behind popular local home grown food brands such as Tokyo Café, Stackers Burger Café, Kogi Bulgogi, Miso-Ten and Peri-Peri Chicken, among others.

The Ramen Champion is one of the biggest ramen theme park and the most anticipated food and cultural event in Asia. For more info on Ramen Champion, visit
www.ramenchampion.com.sg and for more updates on IFoods, Inc. visit https://ifoodsgroup.com.

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