[Games] Thor: The Dark World to be available in iOS & Android

Be a god with just a flick of your finger! yes. Play as the god of thunder in the most anticipated game release from Gameloft.

This is a free game by the way. You play Thor and your job is to basically restore order to the Nine Worlds.

It has stunning HD game bringing to life the awesome universe of Thor and other worlds like Jotunheil and Asgard.

This has a social multiplayer element so you would be able to play with your friends online  to join forces and earn victory. The original story is inspired by the film and is co-written by famed Marvel writer Christopher Yost.

Check out the trailer below!

Look cool eh?! Thor: The Dark World –The Official Game will be released in conjunction with the theatrical film from Marvel in November.

I know.. Sucks that we have to play that long. :) But I'm sure it's going to be worth it. :)

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