Fruitas and its refreshing choice.

House of Desserts is located at teh LFG of Robinsons Magnolia
All of us, in one way or another, have been forced fed with fruits and vegetables by our parents and/ or elders when we were young. Of course, like most kids, we would always prefer chocolate and sweets over veggies and fruits anytime. And then later in life, when we had enough junk in our system, we realize the benefits of eating healthy especially now that healthy living has somehow became a big thing all over the world and everyone suddenly craves for organic food.

We find that most people don’t have quick access to organic food since people, like me, are always in a rush with work. Conveniently for us, there are Fruitas stands nationwide helping us get our daily dose of healthy fruits!

The Fruitas Group of Companies opened its first store in 2002 in SM Manila offering fresh fruit shakes and beverages. To date, it already has 400 stores nationwide.

FGC has also expanded their products and offers into different we all now get to enjoy:


Serving buko juice, salads and shakes the unconventional way. All 150 outlets are serving fresh buko products every time, straight from the coconut shell!

Black Pearl satisfies our love for sago and flavoured drinks with over 90 stores nationwide!

A fun way to enjoy your fruits! Over 22 flavors to choose from and priced at five to fifteen pesos each!

Who doesn’t love mangoes? It isn’t our national fruit for nothing! We can enjoy the freshly picked goodness of mangoes, whether ripe or green anytime in their 20 outlets.

Buko Loko introduces a fun way of enjoying coconut water!
At the back of House of Desserts, you can find Buko Loco

Apart from these, we can also enjoy fresh and natural food and beverages in these stores: Juice Avenue, Cereal Chiller, Yes Yes Yo!, The Flying Saucer, Saba Republic, Big Chop, Tea- Rex and Friends Fries.

We can also watch out for FGC’s exciting new concept: Halo Halo Republic. I, for one, can’t wait for that.

With all of these, we can all easily start eating and living healthy by getting our daily dose of fresh and delicious fruits in any of the Fruitas stations. To know more about Fruitas, you may visit their website at

Nix Soon
Mrs. M.O.E.