Nokia 208 Dual SIM is amazing and amazingly affordable!

Nokia brings a slightly 'classic' back! Highly affordable, Dual SIM, awesome performance, versatility and quality. Oh and it's 3G! 

With some many touch screens and super smart phones out there, you just can't forget when we all started to have the old Nokia phones back in the 90's. Nokia has recently launched the Nokia 208 Dual SIM, which combines the familiar ‘candybar’ design with Nokia’s signature bold colors and 3.5G-capable Internet speeds.

The phone also has popular social apps, smarter imaging and productivity features such as Internet-sharing and Mail for Exchange support make these phones some of the most versatile at their price point; perfect for people balancing work and play.

Just by looking at it, it has this traditional keypad but still has the smartphone experience. Don't you just the familiar alphanumeric keypad? remember speedy texting with one hand? Well Nokia 208 has it.

The Nokia 208 has a Dual SIM feature. It has a secondary or companion device making it perfect for travel. The Nokia 208 Dual SIM has the added benefit of Nokia’s Easy Swap technology, allowing people to change SIM cards without turning off the device.

You can easily connect to the internet and other social media. I guess this is one of the most affordable 3G devices yet. Support for 3G coupled with the data compression available with Nokia Xpress Browser help people enjoy rich mobile experiences at lower cost. These experiences include top social apps such as Facebook and Twitter, alongside video streaming through YouTube and Vuclip. For even greater versatility, people can also use the Nokia 208 Dual SIM as a portable modem, simply by connecting the device to their laptop via a USB cable for Internet sharing anywhere, anytime.

Now if you ask me about the camera, well the smart camera in the Nokia 208 Dual SIM has a voice-guided self-portrait, sequential shot and panorama mode 

For the battery life, it has up to 20 days of standby time for the Nokia 208 Dual SIM. The phone is easy to clean and scratch-proof, the handset is durable for everyday use as well as more extreme conditions, such as hot or dusty environments. This is the perfect balance of performance, features and quality.It is available in colors red, cyan, yellow, white and black.

Check out a short video of Nokia 208 below.

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