[Movies] Al Pacino leads the pack for the movie "Stand Up Guys"

Al Pacino stars as Val in an upcoming movie "Stand Up Guys". Val is a freshly minted ex-con who reunites with longtime friends and aging associates Doc (Christopher Walken) and Hirsch (Alan Arkin) for a final, epic night on the town.

Sounds easy enough for these old masters of the game, these veterans are put into more mayhem that ever. Reflecting on the glories of their youth, their bond of loyalty and the code of honor making the men they are today.

Here's the trailer.

Al Pacino is one of the movies’ true living legends. Having first made his mark as Michael Corleone in The Godfather, Pacino is an eight-time Academy Award nominee whose films include: And Justice For All, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, Glengarry Glen Rossand Scarface. Pacino finally won his Oscar for a starring turn in Scent of a Woman (1992) and has appeared in such recent hits as Ocean’s Thirteen and HBO’s You Don’t Know Jack (as euthanasia activist, Jack Kevorkian), for which he received both Emmy and Golden Globe awards for Best Actor in 2010/2011.

Stand Up Guys marks Pacino’s first prominent pairing with Christopher Walken, his second with Alan Arkin (with whom he costarred on screen in Glengarry Glen Ross in 1992) and his first film with veteran character actor and up-and-coming director, Fisher Stevens (producer of the 2010 Oscar winning documentary, The Cove). Dressed in a black leather blazer, a cotton jerseyand jeans, Pacino met with the international press at the Four Seasons Hotel in Los Angeles.

"Stand Up Guys" is will be shown on May 15, 2013 nationwide.

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