A Royal Family: E! News Special

The one-hour special will feature interviews from royal royal experts, friends of the palace and those close to new parents Will & Kate. E! News Special, which will share with viewers all the "must know" details of the royal House of Windsor's newest descendant.

All that is known thus far about the royal heir will be revealed, including Will and Kate's parenting philosophies, what type of life and education the child is likely to have, and all those juicy tidbits about life in a palace viewers are dying to learn.

The feature will also detail who was with Kate in the delivery room, the setup at St. Mary's Hospital in London, reactions from family and friends and many others. Like the involvement of Her Majesty on how the child will be raise, how involved is Kate's parents, Are Kate and William going to be hands-on parents and many other questions which will be answered by experts and close family and friends sharing their thoughts and expectations. 

Don't miss out A Royal Family: E! News Special Premieres on 30 July @ 10PM only on E!

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