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Touring Intramuros the 'fun way' with White Knight Hotel Tours.

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White Knight Tours

Ahhhh the great walled city of Intramuros. Such rich history and colorful past. Beautiful churches and old walls that I wish could speak. I pass by the wall of this Intramuros many times but never really explored it.

A hotel located near San Agustin church called White Knight Hotel is known to many Intramuros dwellers and visitors. It is frequented by foreigners who likes rich history and those to wants to stay in this beautiful part of Manila. A hotel having a historical accent, it has a suite, executive twin, deluxe and standard rooms with amenities. They also have function rooms for rent and they also have tour packages for guests.

One of their innovation is you get to tour around Intramuros on these beautiful electric chariots.
White Knight Tours
First timers, don't worry (it was my first time too) because you will be trained by their guides and assistants on how to operate the unit before you can go around Intramuros.

You would have to wear proper attire, meaning has to be picture worthy (that's just me) and comfortable of course. It was also mentioned that this one has an age and weight (40-100 kilos) limit. You would also have to wear protective gears. As you can see, I look so hard core. :p

Here's a bit of training before you go out.
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours

If they think you have passed, then off you go with the tour. :)

White Knight Tours
Was told to stay in one line. I kinda did.
White Knight Tours
Here's us being lectured on San Agustin church.
White Knight Tours
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours
See that photo of mine? Don't do that. Always keep at least one of your hands on the handle bars. More photos of the segway tour!
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours

Here's Ryan stretching after "The Incident". Lesson learned that day? Stay away from gutter and keep your eye on the road. :)
White Knight Tours

Here's another offering from White Knight Tours. :) Recently, they had just launched the 4 wheel e-chariots. A mini ATV!
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours

Training is also included of course. See the photo below? Tall guys like me would be experiencing this. Knee near the handle bars. :)
White Knight Tours Easy controls, forward and reverse and acceleration is also on the right handle.White Knight Tours

Practice run is oh so fun as you can see. :)
White Knight Tours

One good thing about this 4-wheeled e-chariots is that you can easily take photos while you are touring.
White Knight Tours

But don't worry, the tour guides and those assisting can take good photos. :) Here are good friends who joined in on the fun. Ryan and Ruth enjoying their e-chariots.
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours

The whole experience costs P1,000 per hour and P500 for 30 minutes. I think that rate goes for the segway type of e-chariots and the 4-wheeled one. All are eco-friendly because they are battery operated.

White Knight Tours
They also have a mini-shuttle that can fit 10 passengers. they also have Fixie Bikes for P250 and P 500 per person.

I personally liked the e-chariots because with that, you can easily maneuver. It tires your legs and feet but it's worth it. :) It definitely put the fun in touring Intramuros. The 4-wheel chariots is for those who are intimidated by the segway and might see it complicated because of the balancing act. This ATV ride provides stable and comfort on your tour. :)

If you ask me? I want to try it again!!!
White Knight Tours

To experience this interesting tour activity during your stay in Intramuros Manila, contact White Knight tours for reservation. They are located at Plaza San Luis Complex General Luna Street cor. Urdaneta Street Intramuros, Manila. Call them at (632) 526-6539 and 526-6181. Stay updated of White Knight Tours latest news and happening. Like them on Facebook. White Knight Tours

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More photos below.
White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours White Knight Tours

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