Style General is here to make a gentleman's fashion and travel life easier.

General, the newest addition to Primer Group of Companies long list of fashionable stores, Had an intimate get-together last May 9 by fashion-forward stylists, celebrities and friends from the media at the General store in Bonifacio High Street Central.

General's unique Curatorship Program is meant to provide a better shopping atmosphere for the men wherein it taps distinguished individuals to design and conceptualize the look and feel of the store. For its first curator, journalist and popular "Sketching Backpacker", Robert Alejandro gave them a hand in establishing the air of the store.

General boasts of fashionable and utilitarian pieces that are perfect for today's stylish, modern man. For his design inspiration for General, Robert shares, "I love the concept of the store - it is meant for older men like me. I am hoping the merchandise will also be for a person like me - I like classics instead of trendy stuff. I like "investment dressing" - this means even if it's a bit pricey, the piece of clothing would have quality and a timeless style without being so stiff. I am hoping the store design would reflect that."

Being the sketching backpacker that he is, Robert opts for long travels in and out of the country, he is the type who'd want to soak everything in and really immerse himself in his new environment. By choosing to stay in hostels, he shares that he gets to save more, which he then allots for being able to spend more time seeing the world.

Though I wasn't able to attend the intimate event, General was kind enough to send a package. :)

annnnnd here's the shirt.

I thought that it would just be another white shirt. But I think this one has got to be one of the best white shirt I ever had. Never liked round necks, but this one sure is really nice. Robert has good taste. :) Indeed all good things for the gentleman only at General. I hope the shirt comes in black. :) *wink

General is owned and operated by The Primer Group of Companies, Asia’s next retail giant.

Thanks again General! Will visit your store soon. 

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