Soar high with Jollibee's 'Man of Steel' Promo and collectibles!

Jollibee Man of Steel
Jollibee is at it again. Making us grwonups be kids again. Hehe. Well kids and kids at heart will surely have fun with these limited-edition Man of Steel collectibles.

From May 22 until June 30, customers can avail of the Chickenjoy Man of Steel branded Bucket Treats. The good part? is ofcourse the crispylicious and juicylicious Chickenjoy.

For only P575, the whole family can enjoy 8 pieces of Chickenjoy in a limited edition Man of Steel-themed bucket along with 4 cups of rice, 4 regular drinks and 4 Milo Mix-ins. They can also get the collectible Man of Steel-themed bucket for free when they go for the 6-piece bucket solo for P335 and 8-piece bucket solo for P429.

But ofcourse you guys can also get toys for those Jolly Kids Meal.

The Hero Launcher is not that details. Buy can get away with the first look. As for the launch pad? Well it wouldn't launch that high I guess. :)
Jollibee Man of Steel

Jollibee Man of Steel

The Action finder is quite amusing. I can play around it for about 10 minutes and I'd probably store it along with my other Jollibee collectibles. Has a hologram effect on the front where you can change around 3-4 images. The view finder (round shape on the 'S' logo) You get around 5-7 images if you peek into the hole.
Jollibee Man of Steel

The Disc Blaster can be worn as a necklace. It has 9 disc, and can fit three on each of those open slots there. I am not sure on the aim. But when I tried mine, it didn't shoot and when it did, it shot everywhere. :)  Hehehe

Jollibee Man of Steel

Now here's one I think that is worth something and useful. This aluminum Man of Steel tumbler is pretty much cool. Yes we may have seen tumblers like this but this is has the new logo on it. (kickass)

By looking at it and trying it out. It seals up pretty nicely. really good in fact. Good for outdoor sports. The print on the tumbler also doesn't rub off easily. Now how much will this cost? It is only P 50.00 together with every order of Jollibee Burger or Sandwich Value Meal!

Jollibee Man of Steel

Well that's it! I hope you guys loved the quick feature. :)

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