School of Rock opens its first ever franchise in Asia!

School of Rock Philippines
School of Rock Philippines Director, Parkin Chiu; School of Rock Philippines General Manager,
Nino Caruncho; School of Rock Philippines, Benjamin Go.

Who's ready to rock and roll?? Music schools will never be the same as School of Rock USA opens its first ever franchise in Asia, here in the Philippines. School of rock is a non-traditional music school that focuses on having fun and well... rock!

“We believe the best way to learn music is to perform music. Students learn from professional musicians that take them from the lesson room to the stage, develop both their confidence and musicianship through weekly private lessons and group rehearsals with the ultimate goal of performing live in front of real crowds in an authentic rock concert setting,” says Nino Caruncho IV, General Manager of School of Rock Philippines.

A concept that gets kids and adults into a rocking vibe, hitting classical rock pieces and also rocking it out on stage with other peers. Programs here are not the usual that you would be getting in other music schools because School of Rock's music programs are designed to create a supportive environment where music students of all skill levels are comfortable yet challenged to excel at every turn.

All School of Rock programs are performance-based and emphasize the message that music is not just about playing an instrument; it is about working together, building confidence, and creating leaders.

“School of Rock 101” is the first stage of the program. This is where they teach basic skills through a 45-minute private lesson and a 90-minute group session.

After completion of the first stage, students will be able to reach the main program, the heart and soul of School of Rock – the “Performance Program.” This stage consists of a 45-minute private lesson and a final show. The students are cast in songs and rehearse them in a 3-hour rehearsal each week, preparing for the big show. After 12-13 weeks, the students transform into rock stars in a blowout concert in front of a real live audience.

School of Rock Philippines is open 2pm-9pm on weekdays and 10am-9pm on weekends. For more information about the school, please call 571-8021 or (0922)834-2455 or email

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