POEA & Jobstreet.com Fights off Illegal Recruiters

Last June 5 at the POEA PST Hall, Jobstreet.com and the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) has just officially pledged to fight against illegal recruitment.

What a great way to secure the safety and security of our fellow men than have the number one job site in the Philippines and the POEA working together to make sure that our loved ones are taken care of right? POEA Administrator Atty. Hans Cacdac forged partnership with Jobstreet last February for the "Safe and Real Jobs". These are for the overseas intenders. This time, it is the Anti-Illegal Recruitment programs.

POEA Administrator plant to achieve this with the proper education of proper recruitment to applicants as well as the recruiters. Anti-Illegal Recruitment materials both online and offline will spread through out the various POEA-licensed recruitment agencies and job seekers nationwide. 

Materials like the Top 10 Reminders to Avoid Illegal Recruitment, Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar and FAQs or the Frequently Asked Questions on overseas employment will be on flyers, posters, emails and on some educational videos.

During one of his interview, Administrator Cacdac explained the significance of jobs to the Filipino families of today. “Ang pagkakaroon ng trabaho sa atin ay may malalim na pagkakaugat - hindi lang para magtrabaho kundi para (din) sa kabuhayan ng pamilya.”
According to him, this is the reason why overseas Filipino workers going to POEA are usually accompanied by their family members. In its mission of ensuring the safety of both the overseas workers and their respective families, the POEA partnered with private entities like JobStreet.com.

Based on POEA statistics, in 2012 alone, 152 cases of illegal recruitment involving 312 victims have been filed with the POEA.

I think this is a good thing that they are doing. Taking care of these illegal recruiters and making sure that we are doing something about it. Go Jobstreet and Go POEA!

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