My relaxing and pampered afternoon at Posh Nails.

Me, Rod, Ryan and Alex

After my wife's first blog assignment, being pampered at Posh Nails (her blog post here), It was my turn to be pampered.

Yes I know it's so not an ordinary thing for a guy like me. I normally cut my nails on my own, or bite it, (not on my foot ofcourse) and file the nails on my hands by scratching on a towel and that's it. The reason for me to agree on this is I've seen how Posh Nails pampers their customers, and I want a part of it. :)

So me and my friends were invited to experience Posh Nails, headed to their beautiful branch in Tomas Morato.

The package that I got was the Sports Package. It included a manicure, pedicure, foot spa and some scrubbing on my arms and legs. (perfect!)

The attendants at Posh Nails didn't waste time, they offered me a drink, served some snack and started pampering me. :)

It was a a very relaxing experience. Felt like a king being pampered and all. I definitely could get used to that feeling. I wouldn't mind having that kind of treatment once a month. :)

The package was just perfect for me. It relaxed my arms and pampered my feet. Another is it kept my hands and feet clean. To sum up my experience, It was manly awesome. :)

Here's a panoramic view of the beautiful place inside.

I can't remember the last time I had that pampering on my hands and feet. I would like to thank Posh Nails and Maan Pamaran for the opportunity.

Here are some services of Posh Nails.

Posh Grooming (HANDS – manicure + 5 min. massage and FEET – pedicure+ 5 min. massage)
Posh Spoiling (For people who have a little more time to treat their hands and feet to a little piece of heaven.
Basic Refresh (The name says it all… a refreshing alternative from your regular manicure and pedicure.)
HANDS – soak, spa, scrub, mask, manicure or pedicure / FEET – soak, spa, scrub, mask, manicure or pedicure, massage (10 min.)
Coffee/Tea Scrub (Using OPI’s best selling scrub and lotion and definitely the clients’ favorite.
Italian Mandarin Scrub (HANDS/FEET) – soak, spa, scrub, mask, manicure, massage)
Dry Foot Pedicure (Designed for very tired, aching feet.)
Foot Spa (soak, spa, scrub, massage)
Fetish - The ultra luxurious pampering for the hands and feet. 
Nail, Posh Eyelashes, Posh Paraffin, Waxing, Massage 
Other Services POSH SPArty packages for Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, and others.
If you want more info on Posh Nails, visit them here. Like their page,

Thanks again POSH NAILS! 

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