Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll is my new favorite potato chips!

Shake and Roll I've always been into potato chips. Even when I was young. The brand Jack' n Jill has always been there on top of my head when I think of Potato Chips. This trusted brand has been here for years and has been my partner during snacks, movies, hanging out with friends and even parties.

Now they are offering two new chips in the market. They are called Jack ‘n Jill Potato Chips Shake and Roll. (apologies if  I used the instagram photo)

Flavors are Unagi Kabayaki and the Salmon Sushi variant. Jack' n Jill is proud of this particular product because of its uniqueness. First in the market, and first of its kind. This pack contains two smaller packs inside. One is the chips, the other is the flavoring/seasoning. put everything in the pack and zip it and shake! It is so easy to do! 

Okay, maybe you didn't get that because it's in Japanese. :) Here's a demo from their Brand Manager. Step One, open the pack, and open the pack of chips and throw it on the pack.
Shake and Roll

Put the seasoning in it as you please.
Shake and Roll

Zip lock the pack, then start shaking!
Shake and Roll

I don't know which part you have to roll but, eat the chips first. :) Remember... To eat, Open, Season, Shake, Seal. 

Okay, verdict on to the flavors. First, the Unagi Kabayaki. It has this rich smoky taste. kind of sweet and savory. It was a different take on the ordinary potato chips. Definitely a thumbs up on the flavor. :) But the one that I really liked is the Salmon Wasabi. Hands down! It had the right amount of spice that I need in a snack. I loved it!

These tasty treats is now available on all leading groceries and supermarkets for only Php 35.00

I had a chat with one of the bosses of URC. The concept came from China (I think) which they have decided to bring here in the Philippines and distribute. I asked if they would be making more flavors available here in the Philipines. He said Takoyaki is a spossibility if the Shake and Roll here in th Philippine kicks off.

Shake and Roll
The brand also got "The Crew" as their ambassadors. The Crew won the 2012 World Hip Hop Championships in Las Vegas, besting 40 other countries. The Crew made some really catchy steps on how to Shake and Roll in opening and enjoying the chips. #Cool!

Thanks to the team of URC Jack 'n Jill Shake and Roll for having us! Thanks for the experience and thanks for the Shake and Roll supply. I hope to have more. :) he he
Shake and Roll

So what are you waiting for guys?! Get these awesome SHAKE and ROLLS chips! :)

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