Despicable Me Minions are found in every McDonalds happy Meal!

Yeah, I know this is a late post already. I've been so busy lately. Whew. Hehe anyways, many of you may have already started buying those happy meal for your kids and collecting these toys already and I don't blame you. 

We are all in search of these toys that has been missing on your collectible set, visiting Mcdo here and there just to collect those pieces that you are looking for. Believe me I know. :) 

There are nine minions to collect, it includes 2 evil minion. Tim Giggle Grabber, Dave Gadget Grabber, Tom Googly Eyes Grabber, Jerry Break dancing, Stuart Light Up Grabber, Tim Giggling, Stuart Babbler Grabber, Evil Minion Noisemaker, Evil Minion Chomper

In other countries, they have the Purple Minion Babbler, Carl Rocket Skateboard, Jerry Whistle, Phil Jelly Whistle, Tom Babbler, Purple Minion Giggling which is in Australia. 

Still I'm happy that here in the Philippines we can collect 9. So kids and a lot of adult kids will be seen buying happy meals. I just hoep the supplies can cope with the demand. :)

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