Yishion. My New Fashion Discovery

Summer is definitely here! So, pack your bags and head to the beach or just basically go out! If it's hot outside it doesn't mean that we can be fashionable right?

I recently visited an apparel store at the 5th flr of Shangri-La Plaza, shop's name is YISHION. They're actually on sale when I was there.

YISHION is a chinese clothing company which started as a wholesaler back in 1997. I'm guessing they used to make clothes for certain brands back then but then they decided to put up their own. Today, they have like 19 regional offices and over 5,000 franchised stores around the world.

Check out their store in Shangri-la Plaza.

What I personally liked about this particular brand is their material. The material that they use on their products are nice, they are breathable and clearly of Quality. Another is the fit, They have Asian fit which is perfect for us Filipinos. Next is the Design of the brand and its products. Clearly fashionable, trendy and hip. Lastly, Value. We Filipinos are always after value. We always make sure that we get what we paid for and sometimes even more. :) Well I tell you guys, through careful design, sourcing, manufacturing and sales, the Yishion brand will not disappoint. I don't think they would have won awards like "Famous Brand" and "Well -Known Trademark" and would have become one the most popular brands in China for not having those brand essentials.

This summer, get your wardrobe fix at Yishion as they offer their latest collection of Florals, Denims, Neon and the Boho Chic. That's what I did. I got my Yishion summer fix and bought these fashion summer saviors. :)

I tried out my finds check it out below. (Brace yourself for a shameless fashion parade of me lol hehe)

My On The Way to the resort outfit.:)
Top: Yishion  |  Shorts: Yishion  
Bag: Jansport | Watch: TechnoMarine | Shoes: Nike
Top was from P 999.00 to P 590  |  Shorts was from 1599.75 to P 790.00

Here's my swim and stroll at the resport and pool.
Sando: Yishion  |  Shorts: Yishion
Bag: Jansport | Watch: TechnoMarine | Shoes: Nike |  Hat: Zara
Sando was P 699.75  |  Shorts was from 1599.75 to P 790.00

One good thing with the shorts is the cargo pocket on the side where I can also secure my phone.

Lastly, my pre-dinner gimmick outfit by the bar and my yatch outfit. :)

Sando: Yishion  |  Shorts: Yishion
Bag: Jansport | Watch: TechnoMarine | Shoes: Nike |  

I think red suits me. The touch of black on the collar and sleeves give a really nice touch.

Perfect for short meetings, doing some errands and well... some business on the sides. :)

Total fashion finds?
Sando was P 699.75 
Shorts was from 1599.75 to P 790.00
Polo shirts were from P 999 to P 590.00 x 2 = P 1,180.00
TOTAL = P 2,669.75 
Not bad right? For four items? worth it! 

As for me, I think I just found a new fashion discovery. I'm loving Yishion right now and I think these won't be my last pieces. They have so much to offer and some really good styles and designs. Thanks Yishion!

Some photos grabbed from Yishion's Facebook site 

Yishion clothes are stylish and finctional. For more great selection and fashion updates, check out their page By the way, Yishio also extended their sale visit their store. Yishion is located at Level 5, Shangri-La Plaza Mall and at Level 2, District Mall Cavite.

So what do you think of my finds? I hope you can share you thought on it at the comments section below. :) Some of you might just win some Yishion Vouchers! :)

Special thanks to Nix my wife for taking those photos of me, if I win, I will take you shopping there! :)

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