[Movies] Hangover Part III Quick Movie Review.

Here's the third installment from the comedy hot franchise last 2009 'The Hangover.' This time there is no bachelor's party. Just the wolfpack hitting the road. But as they say, when they hit the road, all bets are off!

The movie reunites stars Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis and Justin Bartha as Phil, Stu, Alan and Doug. Also returning to the cast are Ken Jeong as Leslie Chow; Heather Graham as Stu’s first wife, Jade; and Jeffrey Tambor as Alan’s father, Sid. Joining the ensemble for the first time is John Goodman, starring as the guys’ new nightmare, Marshall.

As the wolfpack hits the road, they come across Marshall, a guy they happen to have crossed and wronged on the first movie and now coming for a payback. The wolfpack's lives are put on the line as they are on the hunt for Chow's head and retrieve what Chow stole from Marshall. With all of that going on around, their lives are turned inside and out as they try to get a hold of Chow to save Doug's life.

So, my thoughts on the movie? I guess, I miss the wedding and bachelor type of plot but doing it for the 3rd time wouldn't be creative at all. The story revolved mostly on Chow and Allan. The rest of the wolfpack provides the occasional and necessary support to the movie and of course good lines and scenes with stew and his great way of reacting to certain situations.

The movie delivers a good laugh, some crazy scenarios and cringing moments. A a decent close to The Hangover trilogy. I personally liked it because it was entertaining. It seemed short because I was expecting more from the movie, or maybe I was just enjoying the movie too much.

Is it better than the second? Well. Its debatable. But definitely the first installment takes the cake. ( I guess) :)

Should we expect more from Hangover? I'm not sure but it would be nice to find out what happened in the end. (Watch the movie and you'll know what I'm saying) Enjoy!

The Hangover is showing in all Philippine Theaters nationwide on May 29. 

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