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Ola! After my successful (self- proclaimed) test drive in blogging, (see post here) I was delightfully surprised when I was asked to actually do a review for a brand. I am now a legit blogger! (again, self- proclaimed)

or my first official assignment, our dear friends from media (Thanks Maan Pamaran!) made special arrangements for an afternoon of pampering at POSH NAILS. It has been a long time since had a decent mani- pedi treatment and my hands and feet are screaming for that much needed attention.

I asked hubby, Mr. M.O.E., to accompany me to the salon and serve as my photographer as I already expected that I won’t be able to take shots of myself during the treatment. He was also helpful in giving me pointers on what kind of shots to take, lah lah lah… ang beteranong blogger. Bow.

Upon entering the salon, you will be greeted by a giant wave of pinks and lilacs! The place reminded me of a very kikay girl’s bedroom, a stark contrast from my very plain, sort of boy-ish appearance. We were welcomed by the friendly staff who immediately offered us drinks as we settled ourselves on a nice, comfy couch. I immediately felt relaxed and all the more excited to be pampered.


I was in for a very spoiling POSH SPOILING HANDS & FEET treatment which consists of soak, spa, scrub, manicure and pedicure plus a 10- minute massage. It begins with a very bubby foot soak to clean my soiled feet (after walking around in sandals). At first, I was very self- conscious with my feet looking very unkempt. Ha ha! It wasn’t as bad as I make it seem to be but I just thought that my feet might be compared with those of celebs who frequent the salon. (Side chika: That day, I was so close to seeing Sam Pinto in person had we arrived earlier!) But I thought, who cares? I am determined to enjoy this!

Determined to have my nails painted again, I chose from a wide variety of nail polish. With an extra charge, you can actually opt for the Gel Polish which lasts a long time which I think is an investment for those who like having their nails polished every time.

During the treatment, I was very tempted to sleep! The girls who did my treatment were very gentle and magaling that I wished that pampering will never ever stop. Even before I was done, I was already decided to go back.

And so, just exactly a week after my first visit, we went back and brought two of our closest friends Elaine and Meps to Posh Nails with us. 

Since the skin on my hands and feet were still very raw from the Posh Spoiling treatment, I decided to just have the FOOT SPA to help maintain my now very girly feet. Ha ha!

If you wish to be SPOILED, go to POSH NAILS and choose from a wide range of wonderful services offered. To know more, you may visit their website at or like their Facebook page.

Nix Soon
Mrs. M.O.E.