Circuit Fest 2013 Music and Skate - Musical high, skating tricks and summer fun hosted by Mark Salling

Hello guys! Well, Circuitfest is fast approaching and here are details for you guys!

I got invited to attend a press briefing on what will go down on the event and also got to talk to some of the bands and Riley Hawk who will be coming in the Philippines for this event. A perfect way to cap off the summer by increasing the intensity and bringing in performers from abroad to perform on this all-day event featuring music, skateboard tricks and fun games!

Hoted by the beautiful Kat Alano, she gave us a run down on who will be performing that day.

The highly anticipated Circuit Fest 2013 Music and Skate, is scheduled on on May 25 at the Circuit Makati. For everyone's information, it is Ayala Land’s entertainment district that is part of the exciting “Make It Happen, Make It Makati” campaign.

During the press event, we were able to interview some artists who will be performing. I personally was able to ask Riley Hawk if he will be doing a trick names after us Filipinos like the Manila flip or Phil-slide or something. He said he'll see what happens. :)

Circuit Fest

The event will be hosted by “Glee’s” resident hunk Mark Salling (a.k.a. Puck), himself a skating buff, flying in to Manila to host the event and share the limelight with skating legends Riley Hawk and Filipino-American Willy Santos.

Another highlight of this all-day party is the roster of international bands set to perform such as Yellowcard, Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd, The Downtown Friction, Are The In Crowd, The Downtown Friction, This Century, Allstar Weekend, A+ Dropouts, Before You Exit, and Megan Nicole.

Want some infos on the bands? Click here.

What to expect on this event? Well, expect loads of excitement, energy and thrills as Circuit Fest 2013 Music and Skate, a multi-layered affair showcases music, skateboard tricks and fun games all in one major swoop.

Circuit Makati partners with Music Management International to bring you Circuit Fest 2013 Music and Skate, a one-of-a-kind summer bash to remember.

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