#MsEarthPH2013 Cultural Night Event Coverage

Photos above are last year's winners.

Last April 19, 2013 at the beautiful SMDC showroom at the Mall of Asia complex hosted the Ms. Philippines Earth 2013 Cultural Night.

The event is in partnership with SM Supermarket, Savemore Market, and SM Hypermarket and the beautiful 2013 delegates visited the branches to spread environmental awareness and green advocacies.

The beautiful ladies from different walks of life was able to share how the little things and changes in lifestyle can help and have a big impact on earth. As simple as bringing your own SM Greenbag when shopping, this small act will go a long way, by that we can limit and avoid these plastics from ending up and clogging out waterways which then leads to flood. The girls were also given various seedlings to giveaway to encourage people to start planting.

During the cultural night which was organized by the SM Food Group, the girls shined like stars or should I say diamonds in the night sky showcasing their cultural heritage and proudly wearing their hometown' traditional costume. This certainly proves that true Filipina beauty does not lie in physical beauty along but also found in what is fought for.

Here are some of my picks.


More photos here 

The night was served with good food and drinks... and of course beautiful women and their wonderful cultural costumes.


More photos here.
For years, SM Supermarket, Savemore Market, and SM Hypermarket have served as platforms for Miss Philippines-Earth and Miss Earth International in spreading environmental awareness to more and more people in every event. SM organizes an array of activities for the delegates to be able to interact and educate different kinds of people on how they can help in the preservation of the environment in their own little way. SM also brings the delegates to the countryside to experience the beauty of the Philippines as they continue their mission by participating in eco-friendly activities in the rural setting. Hand in hand, the partnership between the SM Food Group and Miss Earth continues to blossom; bringing us closer to a cleaner and greener tomorrow.
Winners for the night were...

Cultural Night Winners:
GOLD- Miss Misamis Occidental - Kristel Suizo
SILVER-Miss Zamboanga City - Nancy Leonard
BRONZE-Miss Cebu City  - Teffanie Lene Llamada

Special Awards:
Miss MyPhone-Miss Zamboanga City - Nancy Leonard
Miss New Placenta by Psalmstre-Miss Misamis Occidental - Kristel Suizo
Miss New Placenta Advance Care Formula-Miss Bogo City  -  Mira-Mae Dimmerling
Miss Ever Bilena-Miss Muntinlupa - Ferina Juny-Ann De Paz
Miss Ever Bilena Advance Cosmetics-Miss Zamboanga City - Nancy Leonard

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